future era

  1. CAYM

    CAYM's Tweaks (NAVAL warfare, AIRCRAFT warfare, Enlightment Era, Futre Age, CAYM's Change)

    Hello! Over time, by fixing one bug and correcting one mistake after another in the mod, I ended up creating my own mod. As I worked on it, I felt the urge to share it with all of you and introduce it here. In some places, my modifications overlap with the original creator's work. I've...
  2. CAYM

    FUTURE AGE 2.0: The Rebirth of Civilization's Future Era for VP v9

    Hello, Civilization community. Today, I am very pleased to introduce to you a new mod, "FUTURE AGE 2.0," which takes the original Future World to the next level. This mod is based on the original FUTURE AGE but adds a plethora of new techs and units, presenting a new future world where players...
  3. M

    Improved Future Era(s)

    At the moment, the future era in Civ VI is pretty inconsistent, dragging its feet in some ways (when it comes to units like machine guns and helicopters for example, or "future tech") but taking huge leaps in others (giant death robots, interplanetary missions, seasteads, etc.). I think...
  4. M

    Future Age VP (Link to updated version)

    Download here : FUTURE AGE 2.0: The Rebirth of Civilization's Future Era for VP
  5. M

    Future Age VP v.8

    Since Future World and MoreTech are incompatible with the new version of Vox Populi, I wanted to share an updated version of Future Era to all. Global Hegemony resolution(diplo victory) is changed to the Digital Society and Utopia Project to Human Augmentation, at the end of the tree. Some new...
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