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FUTURE AGE 2.0: The Rebirth of Civilization's Future Era for VP 2023-09-23

Hello, Civilization community. Today, I am very pleased to introduce to you a new mod, "FUTURE AGE 2.0," which takes the original Future World to the next level. This mod is based on the original FUTURE AGE but adds a plethora of new techs and units, presenting a new future world where players compete centered around three main themes: Biotech, Artificial Intelligence, and Space Engineering.

Firstly, if you choose Biotech, you can lead to a cultural or domination victory. This allows you to maintain your power through a powerful military and accelerate the expansion of your culture and empire through biotech technologies.

Secondly, Artificial Intelligence allows you to choose one of the science, diplomacy, or culture victories depending on the situation. This reflects the high flexibility of artificial intelligence, allowing you to defend your territories while unfolding various victory strategies.

Lastly, Space Engineering provides a path towards a science victory. Moreover, it is also possible to attack enemy cities using powerful fighters and bombers developed through space engineering technologies. This highlights that Space Engineering can lead to victory through not only its strength in force but also through the power of knowledge and technology.

Deep gratitude is extended to the original creators of FUTURE AGE for this FUTURE AGE 2.0 mod. Without their passion and dedication, this mod would not exist. However, the original mod contained numerous bugs, which led to a lot of complaints from players. Considering this, I have reconstructed the original mod into a completely new one.

I hope all of you will experience a more abundant and diverse future era through this FUTURE AGE 2.0 mod, and find new fun in making strategic decisions as you lead your civilization. Your feedback is a valuable asset to me and will be a great help in further developing this mod. Thank you.

Required Mods
This requires the complete version of VP with the Enlightenment Era for VP

  • Vox Populi. Latest version. Critical that you use all patches.

  • Enhanced Air Warfare 4VP - Patched mod by adan_eslavo at the end of the thread (Update the air/naval units from these mods)

=>> Edited by CAYM (CLICK)


8/12 Bugs fixed, sound mapping.

8/26 Bugs Fixed, Unit image changed.
8/26 Bugs FIXED, (Hydrogen bomb)
8/30 Unit bugs FIXED (SQL ERROR)

9/8 Text code fixed, Policy yield changed, Unit bug fixed

9/12 Text code fixed, Policy yield changed, Unit bug fixed, Specialist changed

9/15 English text code fixed

Gun unit (ADN Fungus : It has good regenerative power, and later it is possible to invade the Enemy's territory.)

Hovering Recon Unit (My other balance patch is required to use the patrol machine shown in the picture.)

PMC (only policy)


Naval Units

Naval Units + Carrier (Requires vp naval expansion mod.)

Recon Units (This version gets stronger only after applying my balance patch. The promotions that depend on a unit called a Space Marine are also attached to other units.)

Gun Units


Unique units
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Latest updates

  1. Text fixed

    some text fixed, policies, building units same Writer, artist, musian culture point same...
  2. Compatibility testing for VP 3.10 has been completed.

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