1. B

    Linked & Group Unit Movement for VP (noEUI) v 3

    This will get integrated into VP eventually. Requires VP 2.6 or later. Link/Unlink Units (Hotkey L): [/URL] [/URL] Units on the same tile can be linked, allowing them to be moved together with a single move order. Basically the "escort formation" feature from Civ6...
  2. S

    Where are "groups of mods" stored on your comp?

    When you launch up civ 6 and go to the mods section, in there you can create "groups of mods" by clicking the plus button. I find these very helpful for staying organized and managing tons of mods. However it seems these mod groups are stored somewhere locally because when I use a different...
  3. mastrude

    Looking for a game

    I've been playing this mod solo for years. It's actually my favorite "game". I'm a GWJ member. Could I form a small group for internet play? (I know that can be a PiTA, but still...)
  4. -DI-RivalET

    DMG-INC|Multi-Gaming|700+ Looking for civplayers

    Damage Incorporated is a professional multi-gaming clan that was first formed in 2012 and we currently have 700+ active members and now complete with sponsorship. We’re looking for civplayers both competitive and casual to join our Civilization division. We’re a group of 20+ with mostly...
  5. Giorgio Rossi (Kralin)

    Multiplayer Serious Group timezone CET+1

    Hello. my name is KArlin in Steam, please add me as I am searching friends to play regularly each week on CIV VI multiplayer. We can set up few hours during week end or during week in the evening. PLease add me or give me your contact as we can create a very nice group !!! ;);)
  6. M

    Anyone for a midnight release MP game?

    Hey guys, I'm located in China and am wondering if anyone is interested in grouping up and playing a relaxed multiplayer game together to experience the game for the first time? I already have a few people lined up, but I'm looking to get a full group of people willing to play until the sun...
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