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  1. Jarmrik

    Hakn Avionics H3 "Akarl-A" 2024-03-07

    Fictionnal attack helicopter. May fit for modern or future era, as you wish. Based on Snafusmith's Mi-24, anims and effects included (instructions too). Delivered in four colors placed in seperate, so you just have to drop the dds file in the nif directory. Comments & discuss take place there...
  2. Voltrock

    Mega pack modern units with Icon 1.0

    In this pack, u have different models like, destroyer, frigate, submarine or fighter. Like Type094, F18F Super hornet, Gripen, Su33, Su30, J31, J16, J15, H6K, Whiteswan, Mi24 differetns skin, mig29 North korea, FREMM, Lafayette, Slava, ... Actually i ve many problem to create xml files, i hope...
  3. sman1975

    UAV Unit Pack V1

    This mod adds 3 UAVs to the game: 1. Predator Drone: Range Combat = 30, Range = 2, Moves = 4 2. Reaper Drone: Range Combat = 45, Range = 3, Moves = 4 3. Nightstalker Drone Swarm: Range Combat = 70, Range = 4, Moves = 5 UAV's are similar to Helicopter Gunship in how it operates. All...
  4. PsychoticSquid

    Helicopters gain ability to move on coastal and lake tiles

    As per thread title. I know helicopters are classified as cavalry but they should gain an ability that allows them to move freely in coastal and lake tiles without having to revert to a ship. They should still have to transition to a ship on a city or harbour tile when they target a deeper sea...
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