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  1. Felipe Vieira

    I'm not a coder and I'm trying to create a leader mod for Brazil, please help me.

    So, good morning, comrades. First of all, I'm new at Civilization VI, new at modding and I my knowledge of coding/programming is close to zero. After I tested a lot of excellent mods (such as the one I'm playing with now, the amazing Luegi's Getúlio Vargas which adds Getúlio Vargas as an...
  2. AzraelZephyrian

    [REFERENCE] A Guide to Civ5 3D Modeling/Modding

    You probably came here because you want to make a new unit, building, tile improvement, wonder (I need to try this out, not sure it works yet), or leader for Civ5--or maybe you want to use one unit's visual FX on another unit. We'll cover the tools and processes you'll need to know for all of...
  3. A

    The Executable Hasn't been found?

    Hi everyone. I'm not sure If I'm oblivious or I'm doing something wrong. I recently installed this mod with already owning CIV4 BTS on Steam planning to expand my gameplay. When I installed the mod and tried to play it, an error message popped up saying: "The executable hasn't been found. Please...
  4. 2

    Unit change

    So I want to change a general unit for all game civs to be able to use. I want to buff artillery and when you create it as any civ it will have the buffs. I tried doing it simply by loading the artillery xml file, changing the numbers, saving it, building the mod, and activating it. Something...
  5. Glaeder

    How do I make my mod selectable from the 'additional content' option in game?

    Heyas all. I'm back on the civfanatics^^ I've been here last while playing civ 4. As during the civ 5 era I didn't feel like modding civ 5. anyway. Now I've got a problem. I've got the new civ 6 and want to make mods for it. I've modded civ 4 before a lot by myself and was on the forums here to...
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