I'm not a coder and I'm trying to create a leader mod for Brazil, please help me.

Felipe Vieira

Jun 12, 2021
Rio de Janeiro
So, good morning, comrades.

First of all, I'm new at Civilization VI, new at modding and I my knowledge of coding/programming is close to zero. After I tested a lot of excellent mods (such as the one I'm playing with now, the amazing Luegi's Getúlio Vargas which adds Getúlio Vargas as an alternate leader for Brazil), I had the idea of making a mod myself. I spent a few days reading the Modding Guide for Civ6 PDF, the files at the game Database and other people's mods that do the same thing I'm trying to do, which is to add an alternate leader (in my case, the leader I want to add is president Dilma Rousseff) to an existing civilization (and the civilization I want to add it to is Brazil), and watching the only two video tutorials I found (the one from Josh and the one from Keniisu, by the way, they were very helpful) and I understood a little about Modifiers and a little more about the functions of the files in a mod (such as the ones from the Core folder). I do not have the SDK (because I unfortunately didn't get the game from Steam), so I'm trying to edit the code from the known Josh's Template (which is for Modbuddy and I figured that some of these problems could be linked to it) with Visual Studio Code. The part I understood better is the art part because I worked in the past as a designer and creating the art for the leader seems to me now as the only thing I can do without errors in this (I didn't start this yet, that's why the .dds files are still the ones from the template). I *think* I'm in the right path but I need a lot of help with the following:

1 - My mod doesn't show up in Additional Content at all and I'm thinking this is because it needs to be "built" in some sort of specific format or configuration that the VSCode does not support and the Modbuddy does, so I want to ask you if there is a way of creating this kind of mod from this template with VSCode.

2 - The main idea of the mod is to add president Dilma Rousseff as an alternate leader for Brazil, keeping Brazil's Civilization default Amazon trait, unit (Minas Geraes) and district (Street Carnival), but adding a trait to the leader that grants +1 production from buildings at the Campus District. I think I did the code for this right, but I would be very grateful if someone looked at it and commented on it;

I'm putting the .zip file here so anyone who has some time and can help me can have access to it. In advance, thank you very much for reading my questions, I hope they are clear and if they are not, please let me know.


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