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  1. O

    I am at a loss and dont know what to do.

    I have gotten the "Error Starting Game We recommend disabling any mods and trying again". I've removed all mods and tried vanilla and it worked fine, so it definitely is a mod issue. I tried disabling one mod at a time and still dont know what mod is broken. I was hoping someone here could take...
  2. A

    [GS] What syntax to prevent barbarians from spawning units like GDR?

    I remember an incident that happened in the early days of GS. At that time, thanks to some civilizations with technological deformities, barbarians spawned GDRs and then wiped out civilizations. I really liked this gimmick. It reminded me of Machine Rebellion and Rogue AI. However, in the...
  3. A

    Luxury resource for new Civilization

    Hi Is it possible to make my civilization automatically start near unimproved wine luxury resources just by editing the xml files? If yes, how? Moved to main modding forum. - Recursive
  4. mauporte

    Requesting Help Getting Mods to be Compatible

    So I made a mod more than a year ago which represented my thoughts on how a marathon game should really play: It scales down costs of different concepts with different multipliers, units being the cheapest. So on GameData.sql I...
  5. Balint Fekete

    Need help with the Star Wars TMA modpack

    So rigth now I am doing my first playthrough and I am with the New Republic. I have already researched the whole Jedi tech tree but for some reasons I can not build the Palace of the Jedi Wonder even though my government is jedi republic. I also can't build the Galactic Senate. If anyone knows...
  6. D

    I can't get this to work, please help

    I've been trying to make a mod to increase max border distance, border growth rate, and population growth rate. I tried almost every mod I could find to increase the max border distance and none of them have worked, the only thing I haven't tried is changing the actual globaldefines.xml in the...
  7. L

    [GS] Request: Disable Sea Level Rising

    Hi Everybody, Can somebody please help out in figuring out how to disable sea level rising? The reason behind is that I never play this game without the giant earth map (YnAMP) and there is a known issue that the game crashes once sea level is changed. In my opinion, if we are able to disable...
  8. JeffersonBelmont

    [BNW] Bananas and Fish don't appear in custom map even though I've placed many of each

    I'm trying my hand at map creation recently. It has worked well so far, except that no Banana tile is appearing when I load the map with scenario in game. I placed many Banana tiles and fish tiles, yet none have appeared so far. Whales and Citrus work, though. What could it be? Also, if I place...
  9. Bielsabub

    Extra Unique

    Hi there, i'm new to modding in civ, and have been working on editing a confed states mod to use with a group of friends. I created a custom worker replacement which provides unhappiness as a unique unit, exactly same as the base worker but gives unhappiness. But now on the loading screens and...
  10. P

    [BNW] (Help) Improvement granting free resource

    Does anyone know a way to make an improvement you build grant you a free resource that you haven't built on? As in you build a tile improvement, then that grants you 1 free luxury resource? Is there a LUA way to do it? I've been trying to get this done for days and it's driving me crazy. Any...
  11. RFormica

    RFormica's Modding Help Thread

    Remember in the earlier governments thread, when I decided to do new policies? Well, they don't work... :blush: I basically copied the Free Imperial Cities trait but replaced SLOT_MILITARY with SLOT_WILDCARD... Game Defines file is attached below.
  12. RFormica

    [SOLVED] Need help creating custom trait

    I'm making a mod for Ur-Nammu of Sumeria, and I need help making his leader trait. It gives a custom government (not sure of the name yet) that has one of each policy type and unlocks upon Code of Laws. I am currently using SQL; after several failures with custom art with XML I've decided to switch.
  13. RFormica

    Custom RequirementSets not working

    I have made some custom RequirementSets for a City State mod, but the custom RequirementSets seem to be causing an error: How can I fix this??? Thank you very much!
  14. RFormica

    Leader Art + Icons aren't showing up in-game, no idea why. HELP

    I have no idea why, but my custom Leader Art/Icons aren't showing up in-game! I have tried many things. I have disassembled and reassembled many mods to get this to work. I have followed many tutorials. Civ6 has stopped giving me errors, so it is of no help. I have checked the logs, nothing...
  15. RFormica


    I am making a mod that adds King Edward IV as an alternate leader to England. I am a terrible artist, so I need help with the leader art. I would like someone who could mimic the art in Civ6 as closely as possible. (For instance, look at JFD's civilizations.) Here's what I would like him to...
  16. RFormica

    Help needed for Alternate Leader mod!

    :help:I am making a mod that adds King Edward IV as an alternate leader to England. The game keeps crashing when I start a new game as Edward IV's England. I know it is a code issue that may be involving the leader trait, but I am not sure. Help!:help: ---Attached is the zipped file and logs---...
  17. C

    (Resolved) First time trying to make a Mod...

    I'm still at the beginning stages of it, haven't even changed it from the basic jasper kitty monument; my main goal so far has been to get images working, so I followed a guide here and was able to see the screen as follows: (Yeah, I'm a fan of One Piece..) But, when I click start game I...
  18. SlySlySly

    How to make a civ and leader?

    Hello. I want to know how to make a civilization and a leader. Many people would likely say, "the SDK has a template of it." Sadly, I'm on a mac so it won't help me. I want to know the basic coding structure and what it requires. If someone would be willing to put together a very simple template...
  19. C

    New Game Will not create

    I have been developing a mod for the Dutch, led by Johan De Witt, and I believed I was finished. Thus I booted up Civ 6 and tried to make a new game; the first red flag was that all the names were 'code names' (LOC_LEADER_JOHAN_DE_WITT_NAME, etc.) and the second red flag was that the game would...
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