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  1. Pirate2377

    [GS] My leader image for the loading screen stopped showing up

    I've been working on a mod off and on for about 2 months and I'm nearly finished, the only thing that's needed at this point is custom music. However, this is my first mod so there's probably quite a bit about the game that I don't fully understand. Especially since I've been having this weird...
  2. T

    Custom Civ Mods all crash on Loading Screen

    Every mod (Civ 6) I've tried that adds a custom Civilization crashes on the loading screen right after the "Start Game" message shows up. (I believe it may be at the when it loads the Leader Screen.) A dialog pops up reporting error 3045188730. Any ideas why this might be, or how I can fix...
  3. D

    [Civ6] Game freezes when trying to load or start new games

    All afternoon (10/23) the game worked fine. I closed it to play some TF2 and tried to load my save a few hours later, but I haven't been able to load or start a new game since. I reach the leader loading screen, the voice-over goes fine and the music will continue to play, but I never actually...
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