1. HorseshoeHermit

    Let's Vox Populi! (#3)

    The third time! Except it's still the first time since it hasn't happened yet! I want to begin a bold, large, immersive game of Civilization: Vox Populi, at the latest and greatest, very stable version, to compete for the distinction of the Greatest Civilization to Stand the Test of Time...
  2. HorseshoeHermit

    Discuss: 4-5 player game, rapid play in 20:00-03:00(UTC+0)

    I would say "players in North America" but people are active in different local times. I'd say this would be a Pitboss game, but Pitboss 100% don't work for Civ4. I want to start this game to actually finish it, so, I think it's IP-live or bust. Obviously one evening for Ancient to Transhuman...
  3. ayronis

    [R&F] Weekly Game (Tuesday nights, EST)

    We play a continuous game of Civ6 on Tuesday nights from 8-9:30p. Our next game starts on Feb-13, and we are recruiting. Currently we have two seats available for dedicated players who can join us regularly on Tuesday Nights (PC version, all DLC, no quit, Discord). See post for details...
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