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  1. unartis

    Fantasy Menu Box from EFMII 1.00

    I made a new menu box for my own game mod. I didn't like the original game global warming icon in a fantasy game mod. That's why I made a dragon's eye wand that changes depending on the level of global warming. Own menu box for my Earth Fantasy Mod I(EFM) and Earth Fantasy Mod II(EFMII) game...
  2. EFMII: New menubox

    EFMII: New menubox

    The menu box in the game Civilization III shows global warming, which I changed to a fantasy-like image in EFMI, EFMII. I edited a dragon eye magic staff as the chances of global warming increase in the game, the dragon eye in the magic staff is getting more and more visible.
  3. unartis

    [GRAPHICS] New Menu Box Fantasy Mods

    Hi All, I made a new menu box for my own mod for Earth Fantasy Mod(EFM). I didn’t like the look of global warming in an epic game. That’s why I made a dragon-eye magic staff that varies with levels of global warming. I made a magic staff with dragon eyes for the menu box: standard menubox...
  4. P

    CIV 5 (Steam ver) Missing Text

    Hello everyone, I am here on behalf of my wife who loves to play CIV5. She used to play on her old laptop which runs too slow. Lately I built a new PC with better specs for her to play but for some reason, all text are not loading in the game. Screenshots...
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