1. sman1975

    Adding New Notification with Callback

    Does anyone know how to make a custom UI unhide by clicking on a Notification button, like the generic "City State" UI does (i.e. the basic popup that asks "What business do you have here?" at the top)? Looking over the NotificationPanel.lua (UI), I see 14 notifications (e.g. Found...
  2. J

    Is it possible to customize the notifications that appear as circular tiles?

    The ones on the right-hand side of the screen in EUI. I always check them to make sure I catch things like when cities grow so I can pick the next tile, when there are new city state quests, etc. But it would be really nice to be able to turn off some of them - for example, I don't think I have...
  3. Q

    Custom Notifications 1.08

    You get notifications when city borders expand, when city population grows, when your trade deal expires, when religion you founded becomes dominant in a city and when your religion stops being dominant. After starting a game click notification icon in the upper right corner to open the mod's...
  4. Gueux

    More Notifification 1.0.4

    Modify The Notification Game file to easily add notification to your mod if need help to create your notif just ask me :) just need 1 LuaEvents with a table LuaEvents.CustomNotification_OnDefaultAddNotification(pNotification); IMPORTANT: You should not use the event...
  5. nzcamel

    Notification over-share [ (260180)]

    I have noticed this several times before (I couldn't see a thread for this already though) throughout the time that Civ VI has been out. Sometimes the notifications will tell you about a Civ you have yet to meet. You can see here that it is talking about Russia and Rome. If you look at the...
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