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    [] Peace Treaty Unit Boarder Conflict Bug

    Sorry for the name, but I don't know what's causing it. I was playing as Brazil and was at war with Kongo. We had a peace treaty and thus my units withing Kongo's borders were moved outside the borders. However, some were moved within the borders of another civ, England. We have had an open...
  2. N

    Setup.exe doesn't open

    Hi everyone, I recently had a surge of nostalgy and thought I would play this good old Civilization IV, so I bought it on Amazon. The file setup.exe doesn't even open... I am asked to authorize the program to modify my computer, I agree and then nothing. I have Windows 10 64-bits on an Asus...
  3. SOTD6: Ship Stuck

    SOTD6: Ship Stuck

    This caravel will need a long time to go home. I had an open border with Elizabeth and when she attacked me the caravel got replaced. Strange cause the caravel wouldn't need open borders at all.
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