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    PhotoKinetik II 1.1

    ABOUT This is PhokotKinetik for Reshade 3.xx. It's far easier to work with than older versions. Includes 3 Presets, one each for 4k, 1440p and 1080p displays. The only difference between them is the blur radius value for Depth of Field. CONTROLS By default, the “END” key will enable\disable all...
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    KinetiKam 1.1

    INTRODUCTION AND INFO Tired of the limitations of the default camera? Wanting to zoom in an all the detailed glory of your neighbor's capital right before you nuke it? If so, this mod is for you. WHAT DOES THIS MOD DO? This mod is simply a Camera.artdef with a few values tweaked to allow the...
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    PhotoKinetik 1.4

    INTRODUCTION AND INFO First of all, thanks for the support! This preset has been featured at PC Gamer, RockPaperShotgun, PCGamesN, and Gamer Zakh's YouTube Channel. Big thanks to all of you for supporting it, and big thanks to everyone over at ReShade who has spent thousands of man hours...
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