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PhotoKinetik 1.4

This is a ReShade Preset for Civ VI, to be used with ReShade 2.0.3. All files are included in .zip.

  1. 12@!n

    First of all, thanks for the support! This preset has been featured at PC Gamer, RockPaperShotgun, PCGamesN, and Gamer Zakh's YouTube Channel. Big thanks to all of you for supporting it, and big thanks to everyone over at ReShade who has spent thousands of man hours developing the various iterations of ReShade, as well as the various people who have written Shaders for it, like Marty McFly, Ganossa, CeeJay, Crosire, etc. It wouldn't be possible to enhance games the way that we do without the hard work you all put in.

    This preset comes in two varieties, each with a number of performance options. All options are combined in two separate downloads. The first is ReShade 2.0.3 with Framework 2.0, which I am only providing as a courtesy, as the version of ReShade used for this preset is no longer available on the original site, as the creator tries to move people over to Reshade 3.xx. The other download consists of the preset files I created, a Global Configuration file for ReShade, and a fixed version of Ganossa's UI Mask Shader, which did not work correctly.

    This really doesn't qualify as a true "mod". This is a ReShade injector preset that desaturates and modifies the original color palette of the game, as well as adding a Depth of Field effect similar to what one would see in tilt-shift photography. Screenshots are below:

    Reshade is an advanced, fully generic post-processing injector for games and video software. It allows the user to manipulate various values via "shaders". A shader is a computer program or a (set of) file(s) used to do shading or modify the production of appropriate levels of color within an image, or, in the modern era, also to produce special effects like depth of field or tilt-shift, or do video post-processing, like anti-aliasing.

    v1.3 (Westeros Version):


    Depth of Field can be toggled off on all presets in which it is enabled by pressing numpad 0. Currently, not all effects are toggleable with the default scroll-lock button. If you have a less powerful machine or laptop, Depth of Field is NOT recommended. The FPS hit with Depth of Field ENABLED can be significant, especially at 4k (2160p). I experience no framerate issues running at 4K with Titan X Maxwell's in SLI and 32GB DDR4. Mileage may vary.


    Existing Installation Update:

    1. Download the Civ VI PhotoKinetik preset files .zip (Link is in the readme downloadable here.)

    2. Open "Civ VI PhotoKinetik.zip" and copy the Reshade folder inside of it to your original Reshade location.

    New Installation (Recommended):

    1. Download ReShade 2.0.3 with Framework 2.0.7z (Link is in the readme downloadable here.)

    2. Download the Civ VI PhotoKinetik preset files .zip. (Link is in the readme downloadable here.)

    3. Open "ReShade 2.0.3 with Framework 2.0.7z" and extract to any location you prefer and then open it.

    4. Open "Civ VI PhotoKinetik.zip" and copy the Reshade folder inside of it to the folder you just opened, overwriting all files.

    5. Open Reshade Assistant.exe, and on the "Profiles" screen, click the "+" button above "Default".

    6. Reshade will open a navigation window. Navigate to "\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Base\Binaries\Win64Steam\" and select "CivilizationVI.exe" and click "open".

    7. Reshade will now show five options. Select "dxgi" by clicking it. Windows will bring up an UAC authorization window, click yes.

    8. Navigate to the "Presets" tab and select the preset that you would like to use (see below for preset version descriptions). Once you have selected your desired preset version, click "save" and then click "confirm". Your installation is now complete. If the game crashes, repeat steps 5, 6 and 7, and select "d3d11" instead of "dxgi".

    9. If you enjoy this mod, please rate it!


    CIVVIPK_13_1080P_DOF - Less saturation and less color, for 1080p displays with Depth of Field ENABLED.
    CIVVIPK_13_4KDOF - Same low saturation and less color as above, for 4K displays with Depth of Field ENABLED.
    CIVVIPK_13_NO_DOF - Same low saturation and less color as above, for ANY display with Depth of Field DISABLED.
    CIVVIPK_14_1080P_DOF - Higher Saturation and more color, for 1080p displays with Depth of Field ENABLED.
    CIVVIPK_14_4K_DOF - Higher Saturation and more color, for 4K displays with Depth of Field ENABLED.
    CIVVIPK_14_NO_DOF - Higher Saturation and more color, for 4K displays with Depth of Field DISABLED.

    -In-game MSAA *MUST* be set to off for ReShade to have access to game's depth buffer for depth of field effects.
    -If the depth of field effect is too strong for you, you can use Num Pad 0 to toggle it on/off or select an included preset that doesn't have depth of field enabled.
    -The UIMask does not work yet on 1440p displays.
    -Those using Depth of Field will inevitably have some issues with the shader blurring the UI. I made a UI mask for the static UI (The UI that is always on the screen), however it only works IF you scale the UI to your resolution. Currently this is not an option for 1440p displays. ReShade doesn't have the ability in any version to ignore the UI. Thus I have done what I can.
    If you prefer a DoF effect that doesn't use MOUSEFOCUS, open ReShade Assistant, navigate to shaders, settings and disable the mouse autofocus.


    Can you change this, that or the other?

    Yes, I am able. However modifying and testing is time consuming. If I were to make every change everyone requested, this mod wouldn't even exist. With that having been said, if you have a suggestion, message me or leave a comment, and if it is obvious, simple or logical, maybe I will acquiesce. The good news is with the ReShade Assistant included with the ReShade Framework, you can too! Anyone can feel free to change or modify any of my presets at any time and upload them where you want, with or without any credit. I didn't do the heavy lifting, the ReShade team has.

    Why aren't you just using ReShade 3.xx? Isn't using that simpler since it has an in-game interface and a less complex file structure?

    I love ReShade 3.xx, however there are some shaders that haven't been ported to that version yet like UIMask that are essential to keeping this preset looking and functioning well. If those shaders are ported, I will absolutely port this preset to ReShade 3.0.

    How do I create my own preset, or change a specific function? What does what?

    Again, If you have a desire to tinker, I stongly encourage you to visit the Reshade forums at www.reshade.me. That will be infinitely more helpful to you than I could. That said, if you have a suggestion, message me or leave a comment, and if it is obvious, simple or logical, maybe I will acquiesce.




    1.4 Change Log:
    -Reverted back to 1.1 color palette values.
    -Renabled Mouse Focus for Depth of Field.
    -Decreased Depth of Field Shader itensity.
    -Decreased Godray Shader intensity.
    -Enabled Levels Shader.
    -Disabled Tuning Palette Shader.
    -Disabled Vignette Shader.
    -Disabled Finesharp Shader.
    -Decreased Ambient Light Shader intensity.

    1.3 Change Log:
    -Disabled/Removed MXAO shader - I saw no discernible difference between MXAO and no MXAO, but resulted in FPS loss, so removed MXAO. (MXAO works brilliantly in ReShade 3, however there is not currently a UI Mask shader available for ReShade 3).
    -Enabled HSV shader and tweaked values to enhance color correction.
    -Increased Godray shader intensity.
    -Re-enabled Vignette Shader.
    -Adjusted Ambient Light shader intensity
    -Enabled Tuning Palette shader to enhance color correction.
    -Enabled Finesharp to icrease visual fidelity and focus.
    -Enabled FXAA to offset necessary lack of in game MSAA.
    -Disabled Denoise shader.
    -Disabled Curves shader.
    -Adjusted Colormod shader values to enhance color correction.
    -Disabled Film Grain Shader.
    -Disabled Lumasharpen.
    -Recalibrated RESHADE_DEPTH_LINEARIZATION_FAR_PLANE from default 1000.00 to 125.00.
    -Changed value of RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED from 1 to 0 to work with Civ VI'S depth buffer.
    -Changed value of RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_LOGARITHMIC from 1 to 0 to work with Civ VI's depth buffer.
    -Enabled Display Depth shader.
    -Recalibrated depth of field intensity and curve for 1080p displays.
    -Recalibrated depth of field intensity and curve for 2160p displays.
    -Recalibrated DOF_BLURRADIUS.

    Thanks again!
    ReShade 2.0.3 w/ Framework 2.0 LINK


    1. IMG_2912.JPG

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