1. Darkator

    Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2 1.0

    converted BF-109 model from Road to WAR, into F-2 versions
  2. internetuserpi

    [Vanilla] Eliminating Air Defenses

    hi, I’m trying to bomb an enemy city into submission, but my stealth bombers keep getting shot down by interceptors. Neither of us has a tech advantage. I’m wondering what the best way to eliminate these air defenses is. I've been trying to use overwhelming numbers of stealth bombers, but I’m...
  3. SaiH

    [] Deployment of Fighters based on Carriers

    I don't know why but carries seem not to extend the deployment range of fighters First picture: fighter is based in Augsburg. Second picture: figter is based on the carrier - no deployment possible.
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