1. C

    [Vanilla] Benchmarks for Quick Games

    I have no time for standard or worse speeds. I've seen that standard games generally say at T100 that you should have at least 10 cities, a couple sea units, and 4 trade routes, but what should it be for us who don't have time or patience for standard games or slower? I've personally pushed it...
  2. Stamson

    [R&F] Culture Victory Strategy

    It seems that this forum (and the Civ playerbase as a whole, maybe), are devoid of discussion about strategic Culture Victory discussion in Civ VI. There was a decent thread about quick SV here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/how-to-quick-sv-share-your-view.628174/ . It's...
  3. yeehi

    How to rapidly build 10 Cities?

    I want lots of cities quickly. What is the fast way to build cities? I feel that too much time is being taken to expand. Even if the cities were quite close together, a lot more of them would be better. I think I remember seeing some people discussing having 10 cities in 60 turns. Getting even...
  4. K

    [VidLP] Immortal - Norway tries to convert the world!

    Hey guys, In this playthrough we try to win with religion! :D Civ: Randomed Norway Game Speed: Quick Map Size: Standard Map Type: Continents Difficulty: Immortal
  5. J

    [VidLP] Lets play, France, Emperor, Quick

    Hello there! My pseudoname is Gamuh Guy and you can find my lets play series for civ on youtube or the first video here. I am very new to civ 6 but not new to any of the previous civs at all. I have spent 100s of hours playing civ and love what these games have to offer. Without further adu...
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