ranged cavalry

  1. Brixter

    Recon, Monks and Ranged Cavalry get Encampment experience

    For some reason, Firaxis didn't include Recon, Warrior Monks and Ranged Cavalry in gaining bonus Experience from Encampment buildings. Features: 1. Recon and Warrior Monk get +25% experience bonus from Barracks and Basilikoi Paides. 2. Ranged Cavalry get +25% experience bonus from Stable and...
  2. Brixter

    Buffed Anti-Cavalry Promotions

    Buffed Anti-cavalry's abilities since I feel like they don't really counter Cavalry and that they are weak in general. Features: 1. Increased Anti-Cavalry's innate bonus vs cavalry from +10 to +12. 2. Bug fix for Echelon. It now also works against ranged cavalry. Increased bonus from +5 to...
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