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  1. S

    {1_civ[3]} doesn't work in mods

    Hello. I'm making a mod, where I translate other mods to russian language. In russian localization we use 6 forms of 'cases' for each name. For example: <Replace Tag="LOC_CIVILIZATION_RUSSIA_NAME" Language="ru_RU"> <Text>Россия|России|России|Россию|Россией|России</Text>...
  2. kine100

    Russian modernized infantries in 90s and present 03-28-2021

    Russian modern infantries from 90s-present using marines.kfm Thread posted here Pixelated camo would look like a flecktarn pattern and still thinking how to give it a proper look.
  3. kine100

    Cold war Soviet Naval Infantry 03-28-2021

    Thread posted here
  4. kine100

    6070s Soviet Infantry Squad 03-28-2021

    Russian infantry soldiers in m69 Field uniform and ssh-68 helmet using marines.kfm Thread posted here
  5. kine100

    Various Soviet WW2 Infantry Squads 03-28-2021

    Various Soviet WW2 infantry units Thread Here rifles are using infantry.kfm smgs and dp-28 gunners using marines.kfm machinegun uses machinegunner.kfm
  6. Zerver

    T14 "Armata" 2017-02-19

    Requested by Bananass. Thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/t-14-armara.610374/ Uses vanilla modern armor animations.
  7. Russian Battleship

    Russian Battleship

  8. Great Prophet

    Great Prophet

    Russian great prophet
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