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Oct 25, 2000
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May 24

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Administrator, Male

Administrator Moderator
    1. leif erikson
      leif erikson
      I've got him TF. :)
    2. Louis the XIV
      Louis the XIV
      I want to change my email address to my main email, but that email is already in use by my first and accidental account which I created but forgot the password (I think I remember it now). I was hoping you could delete that account, and if needed I can confirm that account deletion by email or password.
      Thanks in advance!
      P.S. That accounts username is Matei Alexandru
    3. KoKid90
      I'd like to change my username to KevT90. I'm contacting you as per the terms and rules directives. thanks
    4. eatcarrotsnow
    5. Old Pappy
      Old Pappy
      Hi. HELP Looked all over various forums & threads Civ IV loaded on Windows 10 with patch 3.19. Game playing fine. Very fine in fact.

      Windows updated. Now after uninstall, restart, reinstall, and every other thing I could think of----> I get as far as the small menu where I click "PLAY" then that menu disappears and NOTHING happens!

      I am running the game from a disc. Any suggestions??? Thank you.
    6. Grumalg
      Hi. I hope I'm writing the right person. Sheldon asked me to tell you he's in the Hospital and will be another 4 days or so. He had a bit of trouble with his heart on Friday night. If you need to contact us 310.868.8163...Verona
    7. cool.sound

      Pie of PAE V has asked about starting a forum here at civ fanatics...

      what does he have to do???

      thank you
    8. Tsoate
      Please post in SF. We have so many questions unanswerable by anyone but yourself.
    9. Save_Ferris
      I don't care as much if you decide to unsplit the OT or not, but the mods are being very quiet on the subject. Perhaps we could get a formal statement on the status quo soon?

      Thanks :)
    10. Cosmic Fox
      Cosmic Fox
      Hey Thunderfall, Desert Fox here! I was wondering if you can change my name to my street nickname, Foxy or Foxy420.. Everyone calls me Fox or Foxy in the real world, I am not into Anime no more, so Kitsune doesn't work for me. I bet Foxy is taken so slap the 420 on it, fits me I use weed for medical purposes :lol: I get picked on a lot about it all in fun of course. :P Thanks and you are rocking with all you do dude! Watching you grow all aspects for this site and others is simply amazing. I recall some comments on Apolyton back in the day saying you would fail. haha WRONG! :D

    11. Abaddon
      Xmas Smiley Time.
      Also, please sell me this website.
    12. Civ'ed
      Hi Thunderfall,
      Just a question about Visitor Messaging - is it allowed to VM in other languages? I can't find anything about it in the forum rules.
    13. Perfection
      Happy birthday you amazing dude.
    14. nzk13
      I'm glad that there's actually someone this prominent on the forums who plays civ 4 on prince! i was thinking that you all had mastered Deity :)
    15. KingArthur
      Hi Thunderfall

      We have an active subforum going on at http://forums.civfanatics.com/forumdisplay.php?f=272
      It's the Civ3 Steampunk Scenario worked on by myself, Blue Monkey and Balthasar.

      We're getting close to putting together a beta and would like to do some housekeeping to keep things well organised. If it's possible could you rename our Sub Forum's title to Civ3 - Steampunk Project and Create a new sub-forum called "The Archives" underneath it. Blue Monkey will do the rest with regard to moving threads to the archives section.

      Many thanks
    16. Abaddon
      Please post more often :(
    17. superbounce7
      Could you change my username to just Superbounce with the capital S. I checked the member list and it isnt used so your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
    18. 1stcitizen
      I would like to have this accounted deleted ASAP.
      I would not need notification as I do not plan to log back on again. Thank you for you time.
    19. Darth Caesar
      Darth Caesar
      Have you ever tried playing mafia?
    20. Broken Hawk
      Broken Hawk
      Any reason I can't see who is on the forums any more? Thanks.
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