1. kingchris20

    The Elder Scrolls Civilization VI Pack

    This mod adds several elements from the Elder Scrolls universe to Civ Vi. 13 Civs with 15 Leaders, an Alchemy Lab and an Arcane Enchanter (really cool buildings that use resources in a cool way), mage units, and a whole host of textual changes on existing assets. Elder Scrolls Civilization VI...
  2. yung.carl.jung

    [RD] You have the opportunity to design your Dream Game!

    Dear CivFanatics, A few months ago I made a thread asking what your dream RPG would look like, and it received hundreds of enthusiastic answers. Now I've decided to really do it, and I am asking you for help and creative input. Anything, be it a spell, a talent, a playstyle, a boss encounter...
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