1. stonehenge.png


  2. MangoCheeseCakey

    Wonders in Lego form (MOC)

    Continuing Civ6xLego crossovers... Here's the Pyramids. Suggestions are very welcome!
  3. King Phaedron

    Trading Marble, Inquisitors with Freedom Ideology, and other Absurdities

    This is a general thread to look at various absurdities in the game. There is only two I can really think of, but maybe there are others. I'm hoping others will contribute to this thread. 1) Trading Marble is a bit ridiculous. Imagine caravans and cargo ships full of spices, wine, citrus, or...
  4. Veritas2747

    Building Stonehenge but no stone.

    So France is my opponent and they are building Stonehenge even though they have no stone next to it. I can't upload a .tga picture and I don't know how to convert it to something else.
  5. Googleciv - Stonehenge

    Googleciv - Stonehenge

    This is a snapshot of a major wonder, the Stonehenge, from my GoogleCiv project. Wonders have varing label colours for statuses; White (default) means erect and untouched, Red means destroyed, Green (for the Great Library) means modernised.
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