Trading Marble, Inquisitors with Freedom Ideology, and other Absurdities

King Phaedron

Oct 9, 2017
This is a general thread to look at various absurdities in the game. There is only two I can really think of, but maybe there are others. I'm hoping others will contribute to this thread.

1) Trading Marble is a bit ridiculous. Imagine caravans and cargo ships full of spices, wine, citrus, or anything else normally traded, going halfway across the world. Now try to imagine loading up the horses and boats with stones, such as those used to build Stonehenge and other Classical wonders, so heavy, we don't even know how ancient peoples managed to take them anywhere.

Why does Marble make the civilization happy? Must be that wonders and various buildings, such as temples and cathedrals could then be more elegant and ascetically pleasing. Again, try to imagine trading the amount of marble needed to please an entire civilization halfway across the world on a cargo ship. Unless it's being traded on a battleship, I fail to see how it wouldn't sink. Must be some powerful steroids for horses to haul marble across the world.

This is why in the Scenario's I am currently working on (and will make available soon with custom maps) every civilization starts with Marble, either at the Capital, or a nearby spot where they will settle cities. I know that the Game's algorhythm is aware of the problem. I have yet to see a game where City States have Marble. There is usually at least one luxury that only city states will have, more depending on the number of them. I intend to keep this balanced format, as well as every Civilization having an abundance of one type of luxury.

2) It's a bit ridiculous that a Civilization may adopt the Freedom Ideology and still use Inquisitors. Full of tenents based on America, a country where Freedom of Religious is in it's very constitution. Some cultures, such as radical Islam, can still get away with Inquisitions in the Modern world. Can you imagine the backlash, if say a predominantly Christian city in the Bible Belt where to destroy the temples of other religions and persecute, exile, torture, people of different faiths?

I think it would have been enough if Freedom prevented the use of "Remove Heresy" but still allowed the Inquisitors to guard cities against unwanted religious influence, perhaps with reduced cost for Inquisitors to make up for it. OR maybe a reduced effect, to where they cannot completely remove all followers of other Religions from a city. They could reduce those followers to 1 through I'd imagine a series of modern tactics, like peer pressure, false flags, smear campaigns, secret assassinations. Reduced cost, just effective enough to make your cities mostly the Religion you want.
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