1. P

    Terra map - steaming pile of script?

    I like the concept of the Terra map script. An earthlike 'old world' where all civilizations start with a 'new world' to explore and settle halfway through the game just seems like fun. Sadly I've been disappointed with the results the Terra map script has given me so far. Here goes: + As...
  2. inquisitive_otter

    [GS] No campus science victory challenge - Deity Sumeria

    Greetings civfanatics! I've been having a lot of fun with civilization recently, but I wanted to try something unconventional. A science victory without building a single campus. While this might sound a bit crazy, we are going to utilize Sumeria's unique tile improvement: the Ziggurat. This...
  3. Fish Man

    [BTS] First Deity Win!!!

    I got my first deity win with Mr. Quecha Cheese of the OP Empire!!! :woohoo: The map I played with was almost as broken as the civ itself; NC 98. I started by quecha rushing and choking the Mongols, having disposed of them by turn 60. I was ahead in tech for the entire game from about that time...
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