1. Thorvald of Lym

    The Phantom Turn

    I first ran Civ2 on a Win3.1 rig so old, for years I never knew units had sound, and the end-game flag always glitched such that the score would keep tallying past a victory condition or the mandatory retirement year. I'm no stranger to strange behaviour. But I've never known anything like...
  2. F

    [BNW] Modded game starting bugs

    Occasionally when i start Civ V games with mods installed, all of them quite popular so I don't think they are the issue, certain bugs occour. I have Brave New World, and Gods and Kings. The main one is the starting techs, Mining, Pottery, etc. take 81 turns to research, all other techs have...
  3. Dirty Dan

    Weird Multiplayer bug

    I was playing multiplayer with my buddy the other day and we saw this bug with the great engineer. Has it happened to anyone else?????
  4. How Do They Reproduce...?

    How Do They Reproduce...?

    ...when all the citizens are female?
  5. Lol Unfair Deal Is More Like It

    Lol Unfair Deal Is More Like It

    lol typical mongolians
  6. Louis Xiv Is Desperate

    Louis Xiv Is Desperate

    I wasn't that far ahead in tech, but I guess if you really need it, for that price you can have anything.
  7. How Did He Get Up There??

    How Did He Get Up There??

    Dog Soldier on an impassible mountain, can someone explain that one to me?? Again on RFC.
  8. World's Longest Aqueduct Ii

    World's Longest Aqueduct Ii

    Another massive and weird looking aqueduct, I was the Portuguese in RFC o this one
  9. Weird Transport Ii

    Weird Transport Ii

    I got mixed up with my pictures on the first Weird Transport. This is the real one.
  10. Joao Has Problems

    Joao Has Problems

    lol Joao has anger managment problems.
  11. Weird Transport

    Weird Transport

    What's this transport doing?
  12. Barbarian Empire

    Barbarian Empire

    lol the aztecs let the barbarians get out of hand. They actually had a 3rd city up north but I razed it.
  13. The World's Biggest Aquaduct?

    The World's Biggest Aquaduct?

    The title says it all lol
  14. Rather Steep

    Rather Steep

    I guess this is what happens if you build right next to a mountain, and your city is large enough. The Great Library is barely hanging to the side of the mountain.
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