1. MangoCheeseCakey

    Yongle in Lego Brickheadz form (MOC)

    Brickhead Yongle laughs at your attempts to conquer the heaven. Previous Civ 6 leader Brickheadz: Suleiman (Muhteşem) Nader Shah Tokugawa Saladin (Sultan) Nzinga Mbande Julius Caesar Abraham Lincoln
  2. Laurana Kanan

    [LP] Leader Pass Pack 3: Rulers of China (Jan. 2023) - Patch Notes Discussion

    Establish new dynasties with the Rulers of China Pack*. This is the third of six packs included in the Civilization VI: Leader Pass**. Version Size = 1.18 GB Hotfix on 1/24. No change to version number. Size = 1.34 MB...
  3. Laurana Kanan

    [LP] Rulers of China: First Look (Coming Jan. 19th)

    FWIW, the First Look video for the Rulers of China is scheduled for release at 1pm ET on Thursday January 19th. The same time as the pack release most likely. Again, not really sure of the point in releasing these at the same time as the drop. It's kind of moot at that point.
  4. Laurana Kanan

    [LP] Leader Spotlight: Yongle

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