43 Civ Multiplayer?

Biff Battleship

Feb 24, 2023
Hi everyone. I'm trying to setup a multiplayer with 4 friends (I swear I have that many) and 38 AI Civs. No CS. Is this possible?

I followed the MPMPM - Multiplayer Mod thread to create my own "DLC" with 5 Mod packages:
  • Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack (v 22)
  • YnAEMP DLL 43 civs (v 2)
  • YnAEMP DLL Leader fix for BNW (v 2)
  • InfoAddict (v 22)
  • Multiplayer Mods Workaround (obviously)
I followed the steps but I can't tell if it worked. I can begin a new Multiplayer Game from the Civ's main menu, but the Host Game menu looks suspiciously similar to the way it always does. I can't see any of the mods that comprise the DLC. I can add up to 43 civs, so I know something is working, but there's no option that would allow me to select a YnAEMP map that would have TSL for those 43 civs.

There's a lot of info on the thread about conflicting packages but I don't think these content packages conflict.

I also found this thread, which led me to changing 2 different Civ5Worlds.xml files. I changed the default civs to 43, CS to 0. I also changed the Religions to 10. These changes didn't seem to have any affect.

Another thing I may have wrong is DLLs. The Multiplayer Mod maker says to remove DLLs and then put them back in, but I can't find a DLL for the Leader fix even though the mod is called a "DLL Leader fix."

I haven't considered GMR or Vox Populi because I'm not familiar with them, but if that's the only viable option I would.

I know this game is old and we're all looking forward to Civ 7, but I'd really like to pull this off and would appreciate any help.


Nov 21, 2001
try this
Hormigas Enhanced Map Pack (43 Civs) (v 1) for me works not with any of Vox Populi because need of DLS Ynaemp City States for BNW (v 1) and YnAEMP DLL 43 civs (v 2) and YnAEMP DLL Leader fix for BNW (v 2).
also install Ingame Editor (v 39). With that ou can tweak settings fine.
So this is the best solution working w/o issues for me.
For me it works fine, except that I can set up 38 civs + max 20 minors only (somewhere I read that the engine's limit is 62 or 64 slots all together). If I try to set up 39 civs, I get CTD
With Vox Populi for me only 22 civs possible.
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