(6-CP) Espionage System Overhaul

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Yeah, well it's bad for multiple reasons and the proposal utterly fails to address any of them.

We're gonna be right back here in a few sessions trying to fix the unfixable. This is a horrid system and no amount of tweaking will rescue it from itself.
So is it now....everytime you spent points on a spy mission I assume?
The underlying wording is the same. You (successfully) perform a spy mission, you get the completion.
Spy on Major X Times Quest
Unchanged. Performing a spy mission against the target counts towards quest completion.
I added a clarifying note for this.
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Identify chance of foreign spy missions raised to 100%.
If the "Chase down foreign spies" mission is meant to be undetectable, a note should be added to the UI that the displayed identify chance is actually 100% if the mission is active.

Also, only non-repeatable Projects (i.e., not Public Works) should give intrigue/a notification.
Edited proposal:
Clarified the counterspy section. Added notifications and tooltip specifications. Spies only need 1 turn to travel to own cities.
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