[PYTHON] Adjusting Improvement Yield with Python


Jul 29, 2020
I was looking to modify some traits (such as industrious) for my modmod, I was hoping to add the ability that if the player has trait "insert trait" they could gain plot benefits, so for example, the one i am currently working with

Trait: Industrious:
If the player has industrious trait, all mines produce +1 hammer
I was also wondering if its possible to change building bonus with traits, like for example:
If player is creative then they earn +1 culture bonus from theatre etc.

I will probably piggy back of this later for other traits which need a buff in some way.

If this possible with python? I have combed over the xml files and whilst you can boost tiles with a bonus count (like commence for financial and I have one for food), this is more universal, I kind of want it to be limited to just the one improvement.
I would rather achieve this with python too as whilst the game does technically offer some work arounds with this, they would become single case only.

Does anyone know how i could code python to tell the game "If player has trait "Industrious", Mine improvements produce +1 hammer. and "if player is creative, theatre offers +1 extra culture)
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