AG's Espionage Rework Draft

It's obviously not enough. For instance you get better yields from a counterspy that boosts specialist yields (also why can't that boost Civil Servants?) until late game (don't forget it's affected by yield modifiers that way).

Let's say there's a strong Tradition capital that produces half of the civ's science. Putting a level 3 spy there will yield 2.5% of that civ's science per turn, which is likely less than yours if you're wider than them.

Sorry about the lack of clarity. The specialist yields boost is what we have currently. My proposal goes in a different direction because I find it silly for these boosts to be available for such low risk. I meant to present what we have and what will happen. I have no intention of keeping the specialist yield boost or anything on that list.

While I'm open to changing the % for the yield, I don't have a good number right now. Something to keep in mind is the number of Spies each civilization will have. If the % is too high, then spies can easily yield a very large number of science for just passively staying in a foreign Capital with no risks.
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