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Brazil... sort of

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Stories & Tales' started by fcolmenarez, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. fcolmenarez

    fcolmenarez Chieftain

    Jan 11, 2009
    For my second game of Colonization I wanted to play one of the scenarios, I chose the huge Western Hemisphere. I continued my love affair with the Spanish, and it turns out 'Play Now' puts you on Pilgrim, so I upped it to Pioneer.

    Having played the old colonization I expected to find a similar map to the new one. But this one was very different, to being with the tribes are randomized. Although not a perfect historical representation the old game had the Arawak tribe in the Caribbean basin for the most part and the Tupi tribe all over the northern portion of South America and Brazil. In this game I landed on the northeastern most point of Brazil and I meet the... Cherokee?

    It's fun anyway, a totally historical map would require a super-huge map with many one settlement tribes in northern South-America, and no gain for it either.


    So I found my first colony and pretty soon a scout emigrates from Europe, lucky me, so I put the scout to work and start interacting with the natives and exploring Brazil. I have enough money to fund a second scout and bring him over so as to divide the task between the two of mapping out ALL of South America. meanwhile I discover the french are barely 8 squares to the south, out of millions of square miles available the Frenchmen land just south of me!


    To add insult to injury the French start expanding..to their north! To me! That's no way to treat a neighbor, so I bought some muskets and a cannon and set about to blow the french off the continent which I did. Their second city didn't survive and I conquered Quebec.


    I now set about planning the expansion of my colonies. I had three now that Quebec was in my hands. I decided I had enough ports and wanted access to some bonus resources especially sugar, so I later founded two more inland cities in a western direction and a third one to the northwest of the last one so it sat on the coast. Thus I now had a total of 6 cities.


    I again established my cash flow with some primary resources and didn't bother with others. In this map I found grassland and marshes, no plains and no fur bonuses. So it was cigars and rum this time around so I set about selling them to Europe in high quantities. I also set up a silver trade to help boost income. Since I was taking a late bell generation approach I needed master carpenters, expert lumberjacks and lumber mills to keep FF points accumulating at a decent pace. For some reason my other European competitors were extremely slow in setting themselves up so I got the lion's share of all founding fathers. I also set aside two cities for tool generation. One of them was for converting the silver trade into ore for tools and weapons once I drove down the price of silver to peanuts.


    During this era, the French returned a founded a new Quebec, on the very tip of the eastern shore securing a scrap of land I had largely ignored. At first I was feeling like letting the french have their small strip...until they started generating bells like crazy and their land started encroaching and overtaking my own...a short war later the French were evicted again for being rude, Quebec conquered anew (adding a 7th city to my empire) thus I proceeded to go back to my empire and execute my plan for independence.

    As with all plans they fail to survive contact with the enemy...


    Around the early 1700's I accept Ben Franklin as a FF without a second's hesitation, I completely forgot his bonus works on bell generation even without statesmen...oops! I had triggered bell generation and all my towns had newspapers and pretty soon the King was alarmed and started to add forces. I accidentally jumped the gun on the drive for independence. So I jump started my operation 50 turns ahead of schedule, and went all the way with the elder statesmen, that's when the Cherokee stabbed me in the back.

    A little background. For years and years I had maintained peaceful relations with the Cherokee but without bell generation for cultural borders They had settlements between nooks and cracks in between my borders and as I developed the land non-stop I kept racking up negatives for threatening their way of life (I never absorbed their settlements). Some FF improved relations for me to balance the negatives and all seemed like it might hold by the time I started the WoI but at some point the negatives jumped from -9 to -24 and the Cherokee simply had enough and declared war on me.

    Endless waves of Cherokee invaded my lands! In this map they had somewhere around 10 or 12 settlements throughout Brazil, and that generated a LOT of manpower. They immediately razed my westernmost coastal town and started beating on the next one. I started arming and buying weapons and troops like there's no tomorrow. I had already resigned myself to losing the inland cities so I merely held on and sent a reinforcement or two in order to give me time to form up at the eastern coastal cities. The second city fell but the third one held on for a surprising amount of time and I thought I just might be able to send reinforcements to hold on, alas the Cherokee beat me to the punch. The problem was they attacked ALL my cities simultaneously but the hoards were primarily coming from the west, I was beating off the attackers from the closer settlements and destroying them first to safeguard my eastern seaboard. By the time my flanks and rear were secure my last inland town was razed and burned before I could get there with my dragoons. Nevertheless the tide did turn and I was able to annihilate the closest Cherokee settlements and decided that the ones far to the west were not worth it, since I need to focus on the independence war soon to be. The Irony is that the indians gave me a thoroughly professional and experienced military force and by drastically reducing the population my three remaining cities were going full speed ahead with bells, so generating the % for revolution became easier.


    Amongst my plans was to build a navy and I got as far as three ships of the line bought and built, before the indians applied the pain, so I resigned myself to long ground war. I actually thought my prospects were poor. But my battle hardened military more often than not fended off the REF, also the REF did few amphibious assaults.

    For my constitution I adopted Free Elections, Separation of Church and State, Controlled Arms (I wanted to boost to the max Bell Generation) and of course after the bloody betrayal Manifest Destiny, that extra 50% came in handy because a trickle of Cherokee invaders still kept coming after me despite the massive damage I inflicted on them, eventually the even ran out of muskets and horses and were reduced to shooting arrows at me.

    My Navy was parked to meet the REF on the shores. Curiously they never got around more than 6 MOWs and by sheer luck my first SOL sank one, they massacred the merchant marine but sustained heavy damage. I allowed them the "New Quebec" town so they would garrison there, and I could deal with their forces elsewhere, it turned out it wasn't well defended and I re-took the city sinking two more MOWs. After busting two more SOL against one MOW, he was down to a pair of ships shipping 8 units every other turn or so, so I focused on putting enough guns & tools to build enough SOLs to sink the last MOWs and I won my war with almost half of the land force still in Europe, Hooray!!!

    Next, time I'll just wipe the bloody indians so they can't complain I corrupt their way of life.
  2. dalgo

    dalgo Emperor

    Feb 23, 2002
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Nice story. I have played that map a couple of times and while I was reading your tale I kept thinking 'what about the Indians'. Sure enough ..... Because the map is so big the indians have more villages per tribe which makes them much stronger, and more aggressive. Whoever your neighbour is (it was the Incans in my first game) sooner or later they make that suprise attack.

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