Bugs in Mac version


Feb 4, 2002
I've got the mac version, and playing it on my Cube (G4/450) on Mac OS X 10.1. It runs quite smoothly but there are a number of bugs I noticed. Does anyone know where I can report them?

In the meantime I write them here, feel free to comment and suggest workarounds ;)
- The right click doesn't work; I managed to workaround using "USB overdrive", though.
- I'm French so I have a french keyboard, where the letter A/Q and Z/W are reversed. The game doesn't take that into account, so for instance the shorcut for quitting is Cmd-A, automatic worker is Q, etc.
- The music doesn't work at all except in the main screen at the beginning; I tried to change the option "Disable music" but this has no effect, not even in the main screen.
- In the first game I wasn't able to turn the grid off (very annoying). Now in my second game, I can, but I don't have Palace improvments, which I did have in the first game! Is there any option to turn on/off palace improvments? I didn't find this.
I've definitely noticed the same problem with the sounds not being around. In OSX, there's also squirrely behavior if you Hide the Application (Cmd-H) and then go back to it...

As for the palace thing, I'm not sure if that's a bug or not. I've noticed the same thing on the PC version. I *think*, and this is only a guess, that one of the events that triggers a palace improvement very early in the game is surviving a barbarian attack. When that never happens, it seems like you don't ever get palace improvements. Just a thought... has anyone else noticed any particular "missing event" that might trigger the non-palace games?
Palace improvements - sometimes yes, usually no. If you check your palace periodically, you may find an upgrade waiting - but you were never prompted for it. Definitely a bug.
Yes, that *is* definitely a bug... but there have been times when I've checked on the palace and not had any improvements waiting as well. I'd be curious if the designers put in a "necessary" condition for palace improvement by accident...
I've never seen the "no palace" problem, but I think I can shed some light on the one about going to the screen and having one waiting. When I had this happen, I reloaded that turn's autosave and ended the turn. Presto! Next turn I got offered the improvement. I think this is a manifestation of you doing something on your turn to earn an improvement, and the game doesn't realize it until you either go to the screen or it does its next-turn update.
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