Cabinet vote - VP Position is deputy of Executive Branch or Full Cabinet Member

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der Besucher
Dec 7, 2001
Atlanta, GA
I'm working on various Constitutional corrections to clear up the confusion in the Vice President position. The problem is we'll never get this through discussion, polling, voting before the election. What I have here is a band-aid fix. This decision will be in effect only for the upcoming election. We will work on a permanent fix before the next election.

This poll style is not like what we're used to. Normally we vote in a plurality - the item with the most votes wins but the winner is not necessarily the most popular item. What I'm using here is a confidence poll. The most popular decision wins.

A, B, and C are the choices.
20 people are voting. 12 prefer A but also like C, 8 prefer B but also like C.
In a plurality A would get 12 votes, B would get 8 and C would get zero. A would be the winner.
In a confidence poll you vote yes on all of the items you feel confident on. In this case A would get 12, B would get 8 and C would win with 20 votes (remember that everybody liked C).
The most popular candidate wins!

In our poll the winner must have at least 4 YES votes to be enacted to short term law as a majority of the cabinet is required. In the event of a tie, the president will cast the tiebreaking vote. In the event that the highest YES count is 3 the President's vote will cast the majority.

Explanation done. Here are the candidates:

Option 1: The VP is a full cabinet member. This position is voted upon in the elections. Anybody can be a candidate. Candidates are nominated. The second place finisher in the VP elections gets nothing. The second place finisher in the Presidential elections gets nothing.

Option 2: The VP is the deputy of the Executive Branch. This position is filled by the second place finisher in the Presidential elections.

All cabinet members should vote YES, NO, or ABSTAIN for EACH option. The vote signales your confidence in that measure. This poll will be up until Midnight GMT on Friday 4/26.

EDIT: Poll closed. See my last post in this thread for details.
1. NO
2. YES

Option 2 is what the constitution says, we should stick to that.

Here is a quote from a member of the civ2 game:

"We no longer have a proper vice president but when we did it was a redundant position really as they were just second in command. It would have been more useful if they had an offical department as well.

Doesn't seem to me that this position needs to be occupied by anyone other than a current cabinet minister, as it has no power. I will abstain on this vote, as we will have more time to discuss this later.
Originally posted by Duke of Marlbrough
Option 2 is how it is right now.

There will be no quick push through of any changes for this right now. You can voice your opinions if you like, but if it is to be changed, it will be by the normal process after the next election.
That's all we need then. This Band-Aid measure was only to clear up the questions voiced in the Nomination thread as the Constitution could be read either way.

Thanks for the response Duke!

Poll Closed
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