Cardinal Sins in MP


Apr 11, 2008
Am not sure how experienced all of the turn players are in MP gaming but I thought I would run down some things NEVER to do if you hope to win the game, geared toward the style of game that will be played and the start in particular.

1. Attack with the last unit in your city. Since you will certainly lose the city next turn if you die, unless you can slave another unit that turn. Only consider if you have 99%+ odds are no other threat is present, the unit in question poses a major threat to your lands you have good odds AND you can slave if you lose, or you have better odds attacking than defending (i.e. you have dog in city and opponent has a chariot).

2. Not chopping woods next to your city ASAP. Especially for forested hills and woods directly adjacent to the city. If the enemy gets on this tiles your development will be severly hindered and/or it wil eb more costly to dislodge them.

3. Not having enough units when trying to kill a choking unit. Nothing is worse than hoping 3 warriors will kill that warrior on the forest hill, then having bad RNG with the first two. now that unit is promoted, you have to build more units to dislodge it, and your worker may be forced to retreat.

4. settling a new city unless you are sure it is safe and you can defend it. These are juicy attack targets with no defense bonus and no expanded cultural radius so they are easier to sneak up on.

5. Worker first. This was mentioned in another thread. Unless you have allies both sides, this is too big a risk. Your opponent may close enough to reach you before you can build the worker and the warrior after.

6. Let yourself be attacked 2 warriors vs 1. Even if the city is on a hill if they have the chance to attack your city like this early they will take it. 25-50% of the time you are dead if this happens. Get 2 warriors ASAP if multiple opponents are close.
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