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Cheaper production

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Requests & Ideas' started by Leyrann, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Leyrann

    Leyrann Warlord

    Jan 11, 2015
    Is there a mod that simply cuts all production costs in the game in half (or something like that), and if not, would someone be willing to make that?

    Asking for this mostly because I've heard rumors that it improves AI if production costs are lower, as they can build more units and districts. Also asking specifically because typically if production costs are changed in a mod it comes with game speed changes or the like, while I'm looking for a mod which purely only lowers production costs.
  2. PsiCorps

    PsiCorps FF: Babylon 5 mod team

    Dec 30, 2007
    I too would like to see a simple mod that does the following.

    Increase Science research times 25%

    Decrease build times for buildings and units 50%

    Wonders increase cost 25%

    I know how to mod Civ IV to do the above but have no idea where to start with Civ VI.

    Is there a guide to modding that part of the game that controls those costs?

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