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Civ 2 GE on Wndows XP

Problems with Windows XP and Civ2 GE

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Feb 13, 2002
Hi, When I install and play Civ2 GE on my computer, it runs very slow, I have a lot of space and a Pentium 4, Someone told me about Windows 32 bits encryption, does it have anything to do with the problem?
no,it works perfectly for me under XP.There is no encryption happening when you playing civ2.
I've also had trouble with XP. I originally had the game on an older machine running Win98. Never had a problem with Civ II.
Now on my new machine, running XP, Civ II runs slower.
But worse, I can't complete a victorious game! When the video comes up for my winning spaceship I get a cascade of error alert windows. These are titled "GET FRAME" with error message of "IC DecompressEx returned - 100." From here, I have to cold boot my machine. Ouch!
I downloaded Indeo ver 5.1...... but so what? Doesn't the program just use the old Indeo version from the CD anyway??
( I don't even know if Indeo has anything to do with this ).
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