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The Brick and The Rose
May 20, 2001
Why don't we start a civ3 democracy game?
THere has been talk of it. We need to finish this one first to see how it goes and how we are going to manage the late game before we start anything else. Hopefully, we can get this hame moving soon :D
I really hope so
I'm gonna write some suggestions eventually for how a civ III game will work...

*translation from pellakenadian to english=
hey guys, look at me, I'm annoying, I'm gonna be more annoying unless you guys take actions and make some suggestions on how to run a civ III game, cause I'll do it, but only like a week from now, and I wont if you guys start...
hey... look at me everyone!!! look at me!!! I'm trying to seek attention here!*

Serioulsly, we shouldn't even think about a Civ3 one. Some of us don't have Civ3, or intend to get it(though I do)

ALso, this first game is just a trial... we should stick with Civ2 for a while. It is more simple, more easily transmitted to people, and we don't need any damn patches:mad:

Civ3 would make it far too complex, lets just take it one step at a time...
Had it been Civ3, I'll definitely run for the Mil Leader post and personally lead troops in the field. And drag all my succession games buddies into office positions and playing too (it's sort of like a concurrent SG). :D

Civ3 is a lot more exciting. And war ALWAYS pays. :D
We definately need to wait until this game finishes or else werun the risk of most people quitting and joining the Civ 3 game.

Like Ohwell said this is a trial run of the game and next time we will be more prepared and we will hopefully not have the same problems.
preamble. in this post, I am gonna say alot of what we "should" do. but just remember, that these are suggestions. I am not saying we Must. I know some people take offence when I say we should do this or that, so please dont take offence to this post. these are just my suggestions, they carry the same weight as yours. so please dont say "no, we cant do that, its already been discussed". this is only to be used as a suppliment to those, and as something to start on. so again, PLEASE dont take any offence to this post, as none was intended.

Well, I am not feeling 100% at the moment, and I have never had a large&long-lasting kingdom in Civ III, but from what I know, I'll compose some stuff....

we should generally do the same things we are already doing, except:
our cabinet should look like so:

Vice President
Minister of War
Minister of Forigen Affairs, forigen Trade, and Expansion
Minister of Resoruces, and internal Trade
Minister of Science
Minister of Culture
Minister of Intragovernmental affairs
Minister of the Provinces

each minister, and govenor has a deputy. if the president is removed, and the vice takes his place, and the new prez wants to appoint a new vice, the cabinet must approve his nomination with a majority vote {similar to the american system, just replace cabinet with senate}
there is no 'rank' of minister, or even 'order of precedance' if the prez is removed, and there is no vice, immidate elections are called, for that position only. the term of all elected members is then extended by the number of days it took to hold the presidential election.
elections are held aproxemetley each month {25-35 days} the current system does this I belive

ministerial definitions:
Vice President
Minister of War
Minister of Science
are similar to what we already have
the Minister of Forigen Affairs, Forigen Trade, and Expansion takes care of those 3 departments
the Minister of Resources and internal Trade looks after all trade within the empire, as well as keeps track of resoruces, decides which will be taken, etc...
the Minister of Intragovernmental affairs looks after all forum realated things. this person would need to be a moderator therefore. within the forum, he is god, in the game, he is nothing. he also watches over elections, and things like that. if there are any complaints about forum realated problems, its his job to fix it.
the Minister of the Provinces decides on the boundaries for each province, and well as thier names, when they will be created, where, etc... he also has the right to have cities that are outside of any "proivnce" these cities will become 'Federal Territories' and will be ruled directley by the Minister.

All ministers are allowed to hold positions as govenors, except the Minister of Provinces. Due to thier lack of work, the Minister of Province, and Minister of Intragovernmental affairs, can hold another position in the cabinet.

thats pretty well all I can think of.
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