[C3C] CivIII Complete Mac - Box and contents


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Jan 27, 2020
Land of the Yinzers, PA
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone in the CivFanatics community still has a complete copy of Civ III Complete for Mac with its original box. I have almost every release of Civ III made but I am missing the box for Mac complete. I have never seen a picture of the box other than stock photos so I do not even know whether it exists or not. Every time I see one go for sale it is jewel case and/or manual only. Mostly posting this just to confirm what the box looks like, although if anyone is willing to part with one I'd gladly make a deal.
Ask and you shall receive... from yourself.

Here's the box and contents. The manual is only 36 pages long with very basic getting started info, though it does give a description of every Conquests scenario. Some copies have an older style grey jewel case instead of this clear one. As it says, the full manual is on the game DVD, though it is still in black and white.

Here I compare a Windows 2K issue. You can see the Mac release is lacking the raised relief in the details, it is completely flat. There was never an Atari published copy as this post-dates the formation of 2K with the Sega Sports merger. Released just after Civ IV.

Back of the box, mine is obviously in rough shape at the top.

Spine, which omits the Firaxis and 2K logo completely, as well as the back of the manual.

Top as expected.

Pretty cool. Of course since my original post exactly one year ago, I have seen many copies listed around that show a box but I figured I'd upload some long-term and high quality images.
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