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Colonialist Legacies: Histories of the New World | Colonial + Pre-Colonial civs


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May 23, 2013
Sydney, Australia
Welcome to Colonialist Legacies - Histories of the New World!

Afghanistan (Mirwais Hotak) |Anishinaabe (Pontiac) |Australia (Henry Parkes) | Australia (John Curtin) | Beothuk (Nonosbawsut) | Blackfoot (Crowfoot) | Boers (Paul Kruger) | Canada (Lester B. Pearson)
Chimu (Tacaynamo) | Cree (Poundmaker) | Cuba (Fidel Castro) | Dene (Thanadelthur) |Inuit (Ekeuhnick) | Kimberley (Jandamarra)| Kulin (William Barak) | Malaysia (Parameswara) | Mexico (Benito Juarez)
Murri (Gambu Ganuurru) | Nigeria (Awolowo) | Philippines (Jose Rizal) | Pridelands (Simba) | Vietnam (Trung Sisters) | Samoa (Salamasina) | Tlingit (Sheiyksh I) | Wabanaki (Henri Membertou) |Zapotecs (Cosijoeza)

Welcome! Colonialist Legacies is a modding endeavour started by TPangolin and Neirai, but has since grown into a community of dozens of modders striving towards producing high-quality Colonial themed custom Civilizations. Starting from relatively humble beginnings, Colonialist Legacies released their first mod in January of 2014 - the Australian Civilization, lead by the jovial Henry Parkes. Since then, many civilizations have been completed, with some being featured on sites such as PC Gamer and Kotaku. Colonialist Legacies mods have become undoubtedly popular on the Steam Workshop, and none of this would be possible without the help from the amazing community here at civfanatics.

Colonialist Legacies aims to simultaneously educate players about new cultures and creeds, alongside ensuring that each new custom civilization has interesting, unique and dynamic attributes that aims to make the game as fun as possible.

Any feedback is encouraged and also appreciated.


The Anishinaabe - Pontiac
by Neirai, Sukritact and TPangolin
Special Thanks to Civitar, Regalman, Scapegrace, Mewr11, Reedstilt, CharlatanAlley

In this mod you'll play as Pontiac, the legendary leader of the Anishinaabe. You'll step into his role as military and spiritual leader of a people on the brink of war, reliving a brief period of sudden bloodshed, when the Anishinaabe used cunning and determination to strike at the strongholds of their enemy.

Collaboration with More Civs


The Beothuk - Nonosbawsut
by Neirai
Special Thanks to TPangolin, Reedstilt, Senshidenshi, Kujarim_Wuniver, Regalmanemperor, Specialize, Sukritact, LastSword, RawSasquatch

In this mod you'll play as Nonosbawsut, the Great Red Chief of the Beothuk! In the days before the coming of the white man, a splinter tribe of the Wabanaki found remnants of Viking technologies among the ruins of what would later be known as Newfoundland. Armed and empowered by these tools and relics, these people would build a new way of life and become known as the Beothuk.]


The Blackfoot Confederacy - Crowfoot
by Neirai and TPangolin
Special Thanks to Charlatan Alley, Leugi, Tarcisio, JFD

In this mod you'll play as Crowfoot, chief of the Blackfoot Indians! Born from within a time great of bloodshed, Crowfoot was a great warrior and gritty survivor, fighting more than a dozen great battles and overcoming many injuries. Yet he was most remembered for his contributions to the cause of peace.

Also part of Patria Grande


The Cree - Poundmaker
by Neirai, and TPangolin
Special Thanks to Charlatan Alley, Sukritact, Leugi, LastSword, JFD, Reedstilt, regalmanemperor.

In this mod you'll play as Poundmaker, a great Cree chief well honored for his wisdom in dealing with the Canadian government in the colonial era. Raised by the great Blackfoot chief Crowfoot, Poundmaker was also instrumental for bringing peace between the Cree and their traditional enemies.

Also part of Patria Grande


The Dene - Thanadelthur
by Neirai and TPangolin
Special Thanks to Charlatan Alley, Tarcisio, Hiram, LastSword, JFD, Reedstilt and Burst.

In this mod you'll play as Thanadelthur, the diplomatic Ex-Slave who forged peace between her people, the Cree and the Hudson's Bay Company! The Dene are a Musical people, with strong ties to Tundra, Faith and Music.


The Inuit - Ekeuhnick
by Neirai, Leugi and TPangolin
Special Thanks to Charlatan Alley, Tarcisio, Hiram, LastSword, JFD, Reedstilt, regalmanemperor.

In this mod you'll play as Ekeuhnick of the Inuit - a legendary character whose story is shrouded in the ancient past. Under Ekeuhnick's guidance, his people not only survived the harsh, barren and frozen landscape, but also became the modern Inuit peoples, whose culture has lasted to this day.

Also part of Patria Grande


Kimberley - Jandamarra
by RawSasquatch and TPangolin
Special Thanks to Neirai, Reedstilt, DJSHenninger and Senshidenshi

In this mod you'll play as Jandamarra, great Jalgangurru and leader of the Kimberley Aboriginals! In his lifetime, Jandamarra led a grand rebellion against the European invaders who threatened his people and homeland, using their own weapons against them. As such he was renowned for his prowess and guerilla tactics against his enemies, and revered by his fellow kinsmen as a legendary figure.


The Kulin - William Barak
by Hiram and TPangolin
Special Thanks to Senshi, Neirai, ViceVirtuoso, RawSasquatch, Mewr11, TranquilSilence, NameUndisclosed, RawSasquatch, Reedstilt

The Aboriginal groups of the Kulin alliance have lived and flourished in the region for at least 40,000 years. In this mod, you'll play as William Barak, a leader and a fighter for social justice for the indigenous people of the Melbourne region and an artist whose works are highly prized in the present day!

Adapted from Hiram


Samoa - Salamasina
by Senshidenshi, and TPangolin
Special Thanks to Neirai, Raw Sasquatch, Zwei

In this mod you'll play as Salamasina, Tafa'ifa of Samoa! At the heart of traditional Polynesia, Samoa has always been one of the major Polynesian cultural groups. In the nearly 3500 years the islands have been settled, they have been a focus of regional and international power struggles, emerging as a vanguard nation of the post-Colonial period.


The Tlingit - Sheiyksh I
by TPangolin, Firebug and Neirai
Special Thanks to Slippery Snake, Hobonatir, Deliverator, DJSHenninger, Calcul8tor

In this mod you'll play as Sheiyksh I, first of longstanding Shakes chieftain lineages. When other clans sought the vast riches your lands held, they attacked, causing you to rally your warriors to fight to protect their lands. Using your cunning, you outsmarted your foes, taking their name as your own. To this day the Sheiyksh are respected among the Tlingit, who have survived both the harsh conditions of the Pacific Northwest, and the coming of foreign powers to your lands. Neither Russia, nor the United States, were able to wipe out the strong culture of the amazing Tlingit, who live on in what is now Canada and Alaska.


The Wabanaki - Henri Membertou
by Neirai and TPangolin
Special Thanks to DJSHenninger, Deliverator and Senshidenshi

Prophet. Warrior. Healer. Chief. In this mod you'll play as Henri Membertou of the grand Wabanaki Confederacy. As Grand Chief of the Mi'kmaw, founding members of the Wabanaki, you forsaw the arrival of the French in what is now Canada, and led your people to eager acceptance of these strange new allies. A Naval and Spiritual people, the Wabanaki, have always been lovers of the land that they have found themselves in, the eastern shores of maritime America.


The Zapotecs - Cosijoeza
by TPangolin, and RawSasquatch
Special Thanks to LastSword, Wodhann, Civitar, Framed Architect, Charlatan Alley, Scapegrace, Superwaffle and Neirai.

In this mod you'll play as Cosijoeza of the Zapotec, lord of Zaachila and master of your people's destinies! The Zapotecs were flourishing ancient civilization, whose dominance that spanned the centuries from 700 BCE to 1521. Their influence within the region would forever change Mesoamerican society. With shrewdness and confidence, Cosijoeza led a Mixitec-Zapotec alliance to an easy victory over the mighty Aztec war machine. Although a larger Aztec counterattack was not far off, Cosijoeza fortified his remaining troops on the mountaintop of Giengola. The Aztecs arrived, and decided to besiege the position. Quickly, though, they began losing men rapidly. Aztec prisoners were shown the mutilated bodies of their comrades and turned back to spread the word of the Zapotec resistance. Badass.

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This looks mega. I've been waiting for a half decent OzMod for an age. TBH I'm not to sure about the Prime Minister UU, it's A) a bit weird, and B) not exactly unique to Australia. Have you got any alternatives to it? An improvement might be better, Open Cut Mine that boosts resource yield, a billabong which adds freshwater to surrounding tiles?

UA seems a bit complicated, but it's a genius format. The problem with mod UAs is obviously the need for irritating additional buildings, but graduating them according to the civs development is a great idea.


Afghanistan - Mirwais Hotak
by Viregel, Neirai, and TPangolin
Special Thanks to Charlatan Alley, Scapegrace, Superwaffle and regalmanemperor.

In this mod you'll play as Mirwais Hotak, the much needed saviour of the Pashtun. The history of your people is one of bloodshed and oppression; the Pashtun have cried out for a saviour ever since the Greeks swarmed their borders, and thereafter major empires squabbled like children over the Silk Road routes that passed through lands that were rightfully your own. Will you strike down the interlopers and trample their bones into Afghan soil? Will your lands become once again the graveyards of empires?


Commonwealth of Australia - Sir Henry Parkes
by TPangolin and Neirai
Special thanks to LastSword, Viregel, regalmanemperor, CharlatanAlley, Civitar, Korouma, Framed Architect.

In this mod you'll play as Henry Parkes - the father of Australian Federation and owner of quite frankly, a ravishing beard. His facial hair alone should be enough to warrant his inclusion in the base game!


Australia- John Curtin
by TPangolin, Senshidenshi and Neirai
Special Thanks to LastSword, DJSHenninger, RawSasquatch, calcul8or and Typhlomence

In this mod you'll play as John Curtin, 14th Prime Minister of Australia! Curtin became Prime Minister in 1941, in the heat of the Second World War where he worked with your allies to defend Australia from the Japanese threat, helping to defeat the enemy at Milne Bay, avenging those who had died during Japansese bombing runs on Darwin and Queensland. Curtin also took great strides in setting up a far-reaching, federally administered range of social services, improving the lives of thousands, including the indigenous people of the country, for many years to come. Though his death was early, he created a legacy which would live on to this day.


The Boer Republics - Paul Kruger
by RawSasquatch (Kramer), TPangolin, ViceVirtuoso
Special Thanks to Wodhann, SuperWaffle247, bernie14, CharlatanAlley

In this you mod you'll play as the astute and cunning Paul Kruger, leader of The Boers - a brave and expansive culture, seeking a land to call their own in the tribal wilderness of Southern Africa, in defiance of imperial aggression, and with disregard for native empires.

Collaboration with "What a time it was: Civilizations that could've been"


Dominion of Canada - Lester B. Pearson
by TPangolin and Neirai
Special Thanks to Janboruta, Leugi, LastSword, Viregel, CharlatanAlley, Mewr11

In this mod you'll play as Lester B. Pearson - war veteran, Nobel Peace Prize winner, respected leader and diplomatic superhero!


Cuba - Fidel Castro
by TPangolin, Neirai and Uighur_Caesar
Special Thanks to Superwaffle, TarcisioCM, RawSasquatch, Ekmek and Senshidenshi

In this mod you'll play as President Castro, leader, revolutionary, and creator of a modern, united Cuba! For years, your people were wracked with rebellion after rebellion; ever since the days of Marti, the land you love has been threatened with subjugation by thuggish despots. It was you, though, who awoke the fire in the Cuban citizen, you who formed a government after taking Havana, and you who reforged a nation in your own image. Times were often hard under your rule, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the mass exodus of your people, but for all the problems it faces without and within, your country still stands proud and free.

In collaboration with Our World


Malaysia - Parameswara
by TPangolin, Neirai and JFD
Special Thanks to NiaoMeow, Lady Duckington, DJSHenninger, Civitar and Senshidenshi

In this mod you'll play as Parameswara, usurped Shah of Singapura and Sultan of mighty Malacca! For nine years, you ruled in splendour in the Lion City before a treacherous advisor stole it from you with the ships of the hated Majapahit. Forced to flee, you discovered a land over the seas where even the mouse-deers were formidable, and this place you named Malacca. Through your leadership, this new kingdom grew powerful, rivalling stolen Singapura in beauty, helped by your recruitment of the loyal Orang Laut to protect your traders from pirates, and though the Europeans stole your city from your descendants, one day they would take back what was theirs and live free once more!


The Republic of Mexico - Benito Juárez
by Leugi and TPangolin
Special Thanks to Hoop Thrower, Viregel, Janboruta, CharlatanAlley

In this mod you'll play as Benito Juárez - The Mexican president of Zapotec origin who not only resisted the French occupation of Mexico, but overthrew the Second Mexican Empire, restored the Republic and modernized the country.

Also part of Patria Grande


Nigeria- Awolowo
by TPangolin, Neirai and JFD
Special Thanks to Superwaffle, DJSHenninger, RawSasquatch, Nutty and Senshidenshi

In this mod you'll play as Obafemi Awolowo, the great moderniser of Nigeria, the man who believed in the Nigerian people! You knew that the route to Nigerian emancipation was through education and modernisation, that to become as great a nation as the people deserved they must strive and keep on striving, for freedom and for prosperity and for a country befitting the heritage of the Hausa empires!

In collaboration with Our World[/size]


Republic of The Philippines - Rizal
The Philippines
by JFD and TPangolin
Special thanks to PrimoXanthous, LastSword, Vice Virtuoso and Neirai, CharlatanAlley

In this you mod you'll play as Jose Rizal, a well respected novelist, poet, advocate for nationalism, revolutionary and doctor! Despite never leading the country, he is considered the greatest National Hero in Filipino history. A contemporary of Gandhi, Rizal advocated liberty through peaceful means rather than by violent revolution. In the end he was executed by Spanish authorities, captured en route to help victims of Yellow River fever in Cuba. Several titles were bestowed on him: "the First Filipino", "Greatest Man of the Brown Race", amongst others.


Empire of Vietnam - Trung Sisters
by TPangolin, Senshidenshi, Krajzen
Special Thanks to PrimoXanthous, Scapegrace, LastSword, JFD, Viregel, CharlatanAlley

In this you mod you'll play as the mighty Trung Sisters, heroines of Vietnam. Although ultimately you fell to the army of the Han invaders, though it took an army of one hundred thousand men to slay two women.

Other Civilizations:


The Pridelands - Simba
by TPangolin, and Neirai
Special Thanks to JFD, LastSword, Firebug, Nutty, Wolfdog, CharlatanAlley

In this mod you'll play as great King Simba, lord of all lions. You came to unite all the animals of your lands under one banner, and in turn they helped you to bring life to what once was desert. O great king Simba, today is the day when all the light touches is yours, when you are the main event, when your people need a leader who rules while feeling the love tonight. Can you be like no king was before? Can you command an empire to move to the Circle of Life?

Credits, Instructions and More

Colonialist Legacies can into big happy family?
Instructions for Manual Installation:

1. Download 7zip (it's freeware, and takes next to no time to install)
2. Download the Civ5Mod file found following the links in this thread.
3. Place the Civ5Mod in MyDocuments> MyGames> Sid Meiers Civilization 5> MODS
4. Right click the Civ5Mod file and select 7zip -> Extract to "[BNW] Colonialist Legacies - (insert civilization here)
5. Start the game up and hit Mods
6. Enable the mod
7. Play the game
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Moderator Action: Moved to the main C&C forum, as the "New civilizations" forum is for completed civilizations only. Also, you're more likely to get some help here ;).
Please read the forum rules: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=422889

I must say, though, the work you've done so far on this is excellent and I hope you get your digger. The UA is quite original and I like the artwork you've done.
Thanks mate, was just about to ask for a move. There are quite a few "just ideas" thread in that forum part though. And yeah, I'm seriously going to get giddy when Wolfdog gets around to converting the digger!

Also, take the time to listen to the suggested musical pieces I've selected - they'll blow your socks off.
Updated the OP with City-State replacements. Just realized that I have to do some more icons for the UU's themselves.

Changed PM Double Treatise to Starting a 10 Turn Golden Age upon expending. Need feedback for this aspect.
Good news everyone! Wolfdog has converted a Digger model for us! Now all we've got to do is piece everything together...

New Digger Infantry Icon!

This will also be released as part of a Dual Civ Pack!
I've found someone to help me mod, but more help is always appreciated! Perhaps doing the music or any if the units would be very helpful though!
I'd also like to do some XML. I don't have any experience with the new things in BNW, but there shouldn't be too many changes (save for the Prime Minister, who, as a Great Writer replacement, is only present in BNW). I'm happy to help however I can, if you don't have enough help already.
Regardless, I support this mod and look forward to its completion. Perhaps you'd be willing to make versions for G&K and/or vanilla afterwards? I'd certainly like to be able to play it on my game.
Thanks codefreak! Could definitely is some help in coding somethings like the UA, UUs, Music or UBs.

Let me know what's preferable.

Also added pre-modern Prime Minister art to the OP.
So much progress is being made! An extra huge shoutout to Neirai and codefreak for helping out. Seriously invaluable.

Looking for someone to convert all the icons into the icon atlases and change around the alphas! Any help in that regard would be great.

As of now, here is what's done.

- Art Assets

- Leader Dialogue

- Digger Unit + Model

- Custom Music

- Various XML and LUA

Things to do:

- Various XML and LUA

- Prime Minister (not sure if using a custom model) + related Great Works

- Art Assets Atlas + Alphas

- Custom Worker
OP Updated with the next Civ we aim to achieve! The Dominion of Canada!

Pleased to say that they Aussie civ is nearly done! (Just need some help with the icons).
I have an idea for the icon you use. I know you probably spent some work on the trillium icon, but as a Canadian, it seems a little foreign and not really reflective of Canadian nationalism. I'd suggest replace the gold trillium with just a white maple leaf. It would be very intuitive to a Canadian.
I know exactly what you mean, but Ii'm trying to distance myself from other mods out there. I'll certainly think about it!

Meanwhile, what do you think about the colour scheme?


Spoiler :

Or this:

Spoiler :
Canadian UUs are too good. Artillery with 2 attacks straight from the start is way too good. It's like an even better Chu-Ko-Nu which are mega OP but have a tiny bit of balance in that they turn into range 1 units. Artilleries turn into Rocket Artillery instead...

Extra trade routes from GM trade missions feels also bit too much too. The ability to generate a luxure resource is very cool though.

I have no idea about Australia since there's absolutely nothing like that in the whole game.
Canadian UUs are too good. Artillery with 2 attacks straight from the start is way too good. It's like an even better Chu-Ko-Nu which are mega OP but have a tiny bit of balance in that they turn into range 1 units. Artilleries turn into Rocket Artillery instead...

Extra trade routes from GM trade missions feels also bit too much too. The ability to generate a luxure resource is very cool though.

I have no idea about Australia since there's absolutely nothing like that in the whole game.

I want to express that Canada should be as defensive as possible. Note that the two attacks only works if the unit is in a fort, city or citadel. It still only has two moves as well - so the first time you set it up, you can only attack once. In that regard, it's not that OP. The wording is a bit iffy - I agree.

We'll also see via testing if creating extra trade routes is too over powered. As of now, I'm not against keeping it.

Regarding Australia, essentially look at it like a Tourism competitor to Brazil, as they are quite similar in certain ways (both have Modern era units based on world wars and have UAs and UUs that encourage culture, great works and golden ages).
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