Combat question/Siege question


Jun 12, 2007
I turn up at an enemy city with, lets say, 5 macemen, 3 knights and 4 trebs. the city has a cultural defense of 50% (I'm using arbitrary figures here), is there more benefit to be had bombarind for a few turns, with the risk of having a mounted unit flank the sieges, or using them to create a load of collateral?

I know this is pretty vague, but I'm just looking to see what folks experiences are in this respect
you will only need one turn of bombard in this example, so do it. :)

Every treb takes out 16%. Next turn, use them for collateral and then take the city.
It's always a good idea to bombard, first, since 50% is a lot and it stacks with all the other city defender bonus's
I always bombard a cities defenses first, and only wait to cause collateral damage until i know that i can take the city with the troops presently on the front. Esspecially now in BTS with the seige weapons being changed, it's a lot easier to win/withdraw from a collateral attack than before. So if you are able to bring down the defenses, chances are that you can cause damage to the units inside while still have bombarding units alive after the attack.
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