Crash on load game or exit to main menu (consistent)


Dec 25, 2013
Australia, Melbourne
Hi, I've been having consistent crashing whenever I try to load a save while in a game, or when trying to exit to main menu in game (exiting to desktop or loading game from main menu is fine).

Although my graphics driver is "out of date", the game runs fine on max settings and on high res, whilst playing the game with min settings still results in a crash. Game version

Attached are the crash files and dxdiag.


  • civilizationbe_dx11_45025_crash_2014_11_15T8_45_19C0 (exit to menu crash).mdmp
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  • DxDiag.txt
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  • civilizationbe_dx11_45025_crash_2014_11_15T8_51_50C0 (load crash).mdmp
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Because this crash was similar to a problem I had with Civ V, I tried a fresh install (deleting all BE files in documents before downloading) with my firewall and anti virus disabled, and the crash persists (it is also crashing if I attempt to restart game). The only thing I can think of is the game crashes when trying to unload the map, which if it is a graphics problem means I will have to live with it until I get a new graphics card. Does anybody know what is causing the crash?
Both dumps point to a problem inside the Intel driver. It is possible that the real error lies elsewhere though (eg: calling a DX Render API with bad data)

Unfortunately both dumps are "minidumps" so the information is limited; probably someone from Firaxis could take a deeper look (having access to source code definately helps)
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