May 13, 2012
Here's a little something for those who like I are anxious by the possibility that the masterpiece Defendo's "Exploit gauges or gauges will exploit you" is lost for ever. In times like that sharing with the community is very important. And playing good maps.

I'm looking thru my backups for the lost article and I just found that gift Defendo's sent in christmass 2008: I figured out that I should share it before yet another disk crash.

I have to tell you: a lot of good stuff got lost in the crash and I'm going to ask some friend to try a disk recovery. He may or may not be able to save some of the Defendo legacy. If someone else come here and own a backup of this stuff I would be very very glad to get a copy. I'm talking about the whole archive. The gauge article can be posted in this thread:

Edit: The gauge article is now recovered, but I still miss a most of the mailing list archive.

Here's the description of the mapscript that Defendo joined to the file:

# PURPOSE: Hack of Tectonics generator to makes an alterative of Shuffle.
# Gerenating maps with this or that, or possibly something else; So it's quite
# random. May generate varius climate, sea level, landmass shapes and
# imbalances.
# This is for those wanting varied and surprising maps. See level and climate
# doesn't makes use of the same called games options, so you won't be able to
# cheat by choosing rndom but then going to the info screen to know what to
# expect of the map. In fact, the map feature no option at all.
# Important: The total landmass depend on the map size but also in a lesser
# exten on the number of opponen.
# I wish to thanks gratefuly Laurent Di Cesare who wrote most of the code of
# this map script; I simply took some minutes to randomly hack things around.
# This is is first and last version. Happy Christmas!


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