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Earth map request


Jan 23, 2009
Hello all, this is my first post here, but I'm an old Civ veteran, started playing Civ 1 fanatically in 1993 and every other sequel the same. Some time ago I downloaded and installed ROM modpack - excellent work, congratulations on combining so many elements into one very good package.

But I have a request. I always like to play civ on earth maps and also I'm Polish and since there is a Polish civ in ROM, I would like to play it on giant or gigantic Earth map with at least 28 civilizations, all starting in historical locations. Searched the forum but there is no such pre-made map with Polish civ (there is one for 36 civs in GEM but it is really HRE, not Poland...). I know nothing about editing or modding the game, so PLEASE if someone could spare a little time to create such map (rather just edit existing one I suppose) I would be very, very grateful.
Just start a custom Game and select your Map. Instead of HRE you choose the Polish Civ then, should be quite doable, if I´m not totally overlooking something.
It doesn't work that way. In custom game you can only select map scripts, not pre-made maps with real starting locations. I tried one script called Earth2 which is earth randomizer but started my game with Poland once somewhere in Asia, once somewhere in Africa so it doesn't make any sense for me.

What I need is pre-made earth map (in worldbuilder i suppose) with historical starting location for Poland. I would do it myself but don't know how.
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