[BTS] G-Minor 272 - Shaka, Warlord, Domination - Deadline September 25th 2023

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Sep 6, 2012
While the general Hall of Fame is an ongoing competition, we like to run time-definite competitions between updates that we call Gauntlets. Standard Hall of Fame rules still apply, but any games meeting the settings will be counted towards the Gauntlet.


  • Victory Condition: Domination (though all victory conditions must be enabled)
  • Difficulty: Warlord
  • Starting Era: Ancient
  • Map Size: Tiny
  • Speed: Normal
  • Map Type: Pangaea
  • Required: No Tribal Villages, No Random Events
  • Civ: Zulu (Shaka)
  • Opponents: Must include Germany (Frederick), Greece (Pericles)
  • Version: 3.19.005
  • Date: 31st August to 25th September 2023
Must not play as Inca.
The earliest finish date wins, with score as a tiebreaker.
pretty sure this is impossible to beat current record of t49 using catherine. They founded 9 cities total (one settler from hut) along with having creative trait, it's just impossible to get that many settlers that fast without IMP or huts. Since it's only warlord you'll be extremely lucky to have another ai found a city before t49, so you can only conquer 1 city without triggering conquest. Also, shaka starting with hunting so even if you wanted to warrior rush you need to build that warrior first which sets back your first settler/worker even more
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