How would you continue from here?


Jul 10, 2004
Hi There,

A casual player who finishes maybe 1-2 games per year here. Eventually, I missed the implementation of the empire size modifier concept. So I would like to get your opinion on how to move from here. It is 3.0.4 version 10 civ, large map, marathon.

I've gone through authority, fealty, and in 2 turns I will complete Imperialism. The religion is hero worship, zealotry, crusader spirit, orders, and churches.

Through the game, I capitulated Zulu and Polynesia (leading before I conquered them) and Hiawata completely destroyed Germany, Assyria and capitulated Ottomans. The really annoying one is Greece, which controls 17 votes in the world congress. After him Siam has 8, Iroquois and I have 6 votes each. Greece just sanctioned me in congress and made my happiness worse as the trades are canceled. Everyone denounces the other. There is no real friendship or defensive pact.

My strategy was to try to improve happiness since there is still one more puppet city. In the meantime try to have a militaristic technology advantage. Since the empire size modifier is a thing I wasn't thinking to go war with Iroquois and causing war weariness and more unhappiness. Also 10% unhappiness combat penalty can be the decider for such even forces. On the other hand, Greece is very far away and there is only one entry point at the right bottom of the map that makes it nearly impossible to penetrate and of course I don't want to deploy to many units as Iroquois is a real threat.

So where would you go from here? What ideology would you pick?

Ekran Alıntısı.PNG
I would say you're still in a good position overall. Your Cities are larger. Just make your way to Ballistics and Combined Arms and you should be able to start conquering with those 2 Tech.

Autocracy seems the straight fwd ideology choice as you will want to continue to war. Police State, Lebensraum, Military Industrial Complex are all great.

Order could work as well, as one of its Tenets, Nationalization, would let you have a Corporation even while Sanctioned.
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