Just finished my most thrilling game


Jul 20, 2013
Version: VP 3.6.5 - 3.6.7
Civ used: Assyria
Civs in game: Assyria, Austria, Sweden, Ottomans, Huns, Mayans, England, China, Arabia, Ethiopia

Mods used:
Community Events
Ethnic Diversity
Enhanced Naval Warfare
Global Warming+Congress
Great Prophet Historical Names
Music Changer
Quick Turns
Civ 6 Styled Names


Large map; 10:20 civs:city-states
Standard time; all victories enabled
Research agreements on; tech brokering+trading off

Difficulty: King

Special rules: No save-scumming whatsoever. I live with every misclick, mistake and poor decision. In the event of CTDs (there were two), replay the turn prior and the turn of the CTD exactly as I had before and see if the CTD re-occurs. If it does, make minimal changes in the turn prior and see if the CTD goes away (this worked as a solution to the CTDs I encountered).

Assyria wins - Diplomacy, turn 488


The map consisted of three medium continents, one large continent and various small islands. I spawned as the bottom-most civ on the large continent. To the north, from left to right are Sweden, Austria and the Ottomans. Austria is the closest in proximity to me. Further north on the continent are the Huns and the Mayans. I had island chains to the west but to the East was all ocean. I actually didn't know this side was extra safe until I got military science and bought some World Map data. On the other continents are China and England who share a continent, and Arabia and Ethiopia, so each have one of the medium continents to themselves+ city states.

I skipped the early wonders to aggressively settle and start building my army, right after the essentials. My general plan was to war early and often, using my UA to stay competitive in tech while I captured 3-4 vassals. And then choose my WC based on the circumstances at that point. This changed right away as Sweden, Austria and the Ottomans all wanted DoFs. I accepted them all while working tirelessly on a large army, thinking that the border situation would sort itself out and someone would make an enemy out of me eventually. Until then, I would enjoy the research agreements. Austria, Ottomans, and I formed a defensive pact.

Around turn 220 Sweden finally started disliking me. By this point I had 8 cities with no conquests and was 6th in score. Sweden had 3 cities left, and was at war with the Huns and Austria, so I could finally start my steamroll. Atleast, I thought so. While I was building my navy and marching my army to attack Sweden, England swooped in and took the last two Sweden cities, putting her on our continent. It was turn 235, and it was now that I noticed that England was a great power, having 17 cities at a time where the rest of us had 8 or fewer.

Sweden's cities got passed around a lot. Sometimes England would have them, sometimes, Austria, Huns, or the Ottomans would have them instead, and sometimes it'd be liberated. By now, Austria was 3rd, my best RA partner and on the cusp on dominating the Congress. She had also began plotting against me, according to spy intel. Austria still had her defensive pact with the Ottomans, but I needed to do something to wrestle control of the game back so around turn 340, I accepted a joint war request from the Mayans to declare war against the Ottomans and Austria.

The war wasn't kind to my troops. Despite having Vienna on my border, Austria put up a fierce fight. While I had more cities and troops, Austria was rich enough to buy more as needed. With the Ottomans aiding them, I was getting nowhere and losing troops that I couldn't replenish fast enough. So it definitely didn't help when England launched an invasion against me as well.

Let's catch up with England for a second:

While I enjoyed my RAs and defensive pacts, England enjoyed war. While I focused on my war against Austria and the Ottomans, England had finished conquering all of China, vassaled the Huns, and was playing "smash and grab" with the Mayans' land. England had 32 cities at this point. For reference, I had 12 cities going into the war with Austria and the Ottomans.

Austria and the Ottomans were giving my army as much as they could stand, and my navy was incomparable with England's fleet, so England had an easy time taking two of my island chain cities. England then got to my mainland and took an additional city but I pushed her navy back with a barrage of ranged land units before she could take more.

I peaced out with the Ottomans, which allowed me to send an extra 15 or so troops to Austria, where I finally took Vienna and another city before forcing Austria to capitulate. The rough war with England continued, however. England, now in possession of several Austrian cities, sat atop of the demographics, with 46 cities. I had the next most with 13.

Then something very cool happened; the Ottomans declared war on England! Their addition to the war likely saved Austria and I. I now had time to repair my army and bring in reinforcements, which I did. England's military might was in her navy, so I doubled down on winning the land war. Around turn 407, with the help of the Ottomans and Mayans, I liberated two Austrian cities from England and began to step on the gas peddle.

At turn 450, the fruit of my campaign started to ripen. I continued my push into England territory, doing a mix of conquering and liberating, depending on the city. I wound up reviving the Mayans and liberating 3 of their cities, including their capital. So imagine my disappointment when the Mayans ask for "Independence" in the game's final turns.

In this game, all of the victory conditions were represented well. England had 46 cities at her peak, Arabia was influential with 6 out of the 7 remaining civs, Ethiopia only needed 1 more spaceship part, and while Austria had fallen off in votes by this point, she had been the clear leader of the Congress for quite some time.

At the end, every turn was tense with nukes flying between Arabia and Ethiopia, England nuking my cities, Arabia and Ethiopia (and me to a lesser extent) were building spaceship parts. The game ended on turn 488 (out of 500) and although England had been brought back to Earth by my military, she still had was still ahead by about 400 score.

We'd implemented casus beli and got rid of it, implemented global peace accords, travel ban and spaceship regulations as needed to try and stop CV and SV. With each new turn I thought Ethiopia was going to finish the last SS part and win the game. Or that Arabia would become influential with the hold out, but I narrowly made it to the ballot box and won.

Demographics during victory screen:

Pop- 5th
Crop yield- 2nd
Man. Goods- 2nd
GNP- 2nd
Land- 2nd
Approval- 6th
Literacy- 1st (??)
Ranking- Caesar, 3618

*Not sure what's up with my literacy ranking; I finished with 81 techs, which is 1 behind both Arabia and Ethiopia, and tied with England.

I've played this game on and off for years, but this particular match was special. I got the extended late game war I'd been wanting to have for a while, I got drama from every victory condition. 10/10. Next match I'll consider huge/epic speed


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