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Feb 5, 2002
Tartu, Estonia
Am I missing sthng or is there a big lack of China-Japan-Corean historical mods and scens? I mean I havnt seen any crestomatic work on that field. For example why havent anyone transfered Shogun: Total war into Civ2, smthng big I mean not standard Uniting Japan which comes with Gold?

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Prometeus (sp?) made a conversion of Shogun: Total War units IIRC. Dont know if he made a scen tho. There is a samuri scen on the original cd as well. I am not into that era too much so I can't help ya. Thing is... if you want it... make it!

I made a Fate of the Dragon units conversion, and three scens on asiatic history, too:

Antigonos - based on hellenistic Asia

Chung Kuo - Warring States China

Gok Blue - the first Turkish empire in Asian steppes

All of the are available here at Civfanatics download section. A scen on medieval Japan was sadly cancelled due to hardware troubles. :(

A new scen on XVIII century India - Karnataka - is currently under studies. ;)
i've made one Japan scenario for Civ2 MGE
and "2" for ToT (in fact they use the same units/techs 1 "start" scenario in undiscovery map and 1 "historic" scenario)

that's in french (screenshot available on my web page)

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Hey Prom, Hey Eyn!

There is a lot to be said for Prom's scenarios, they are the way prom...I'd still like to talk to you about that Japanese scenario some time....

Eyn, I'm going to check out that scenario myself! I've got to learn French some time!

SunTzu...with a name like can anyone not listen to you on this subject!

Personally, I'd like to see an Indonesian scenario or an ancient Papua New Guinea scenario with warring tribes...(you know...head hunters and everything).

As usual, gotta civ game waiting...

Has anyone ever thought of making a Boxer rebellion scenario? It's got a great mix of civs as many European powers held territory on mainland China at that time, and you could give the Manchu dynasty loads of partisans at the start and hopefully things would be far more decisive than the rebellion actually turned out to be. You could even give them special units as some of the Boxer troops were (erroneously) believed to be invulnerable to human weapons.
The English held Hong Kong and other territories, the Germans held much of the land around Tsingtao, the Portugese had Macao, the French had their own corner and the Russians had quietly and unofficially taken over much of Manchuria. All these powers looked like changing Chinese society and government for good, and the Boxer rebellion was a backlash against this reform. And of course the old enemy Japan was in the background all along... I see great scenario potential for this episode and although I couldn't play it (for the moment while my PC is bust :() if someone was to make it, I'd love someone to take up the challenge!
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