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Oct 24, 2005
an Aussie in Boston
This map script is an extension to the Team_Battleground file that includes three new land configurations.

Option 4 generates the same map as 'Left v Right' but includes a desert land bridge between the two regions ...

Option 5 generates a round land mass with the starting locations within tiles of the coast. See the donut image below and imagine that there is land in the middle.

Option 6 generates a round land mass with a donut hole of ocean in the middle ...
I'm not 100% happy with the artificial nature of the desert bridge yet (updated 1/17/2008), nor the starting locations in the round maps. I'm going to work on these. Any update will be posted to the 'downloads' section and will replace the file there. I'll also record updates below.

Spoiler change log :

- added desert land bridge
- added round map
- added donut map
- corrected starting position on 'Left v Right', starting together, 2 team maps (with and without bridge)
- slightly changed code to generate desert on land bridge
- changed code for round maps (see below)

Note: Updated 1/17/2008 to fix 'Left v Right', Starting Together issues.
Update: 1/18/2008 - changed the round map starting positions so that they are uniformly distributed around the circle, either on the coast or 1 tile in. For round maps only, the teams will start in an arc if the 'start together' option is selected. Otherwise, teams are randomly distributed.
oops - just realized that I started from the vanilla map script, not the warlords version. I've fixed that now - included the warlords changes.
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