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Discussion in 'CivBE - Strategy & Tips' started by Erneiz Hyde, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Erneiz Hyde

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    Jun 7, 2011
    OK. I just recently get CIV:BERT, and as a Deity player back in CIV5, I jumped straight to Apollo. My current standing is: when I win, it's usually around turn 250 and 20 turns earlier at most. If an AI declares war at me at the first 100 turns or so, I just lose, especially on water map. Things just take so much time to build I don't know how to keep up the defenses AND keep growing at the same time. To top it off, people seems to be getting winning times on the 150s consistently, which I just can't fathom as to how.

    My usual setup is Artists, Electromagnetic Sensors (I altered xml), Pioneering. All standard map. I usually open virtues by getting the extra expedition and free settlers, then going for Magnasanti. Usually I teched all the first ring branch tech and then go for Cognition and work my way from there (usually always getting the Xenomass and Firaxite improver and then the Institute tech first). Build order is always: Depot, Relic, Explorerx4.

    Latter half of game is just a breeze of clickfest, it's the earlier parts of the game that eludes me. How to achieve sub-200 win times when an AI landed right next to you?
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    Are you abusing internal trade routes? Or espionage? Those seem to be two of the usual routes to quick victories.

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