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Pantheon choice with screenshot. What would you do?

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by DrakenKin, May 25, 2014.

  1. DrakenKin

    DrakenKin Prince

    Jan 8, 2010
    Good point.

    However even if i agree with you, it is more complex than that. If you play deity or immortal those 4 faith points help you get a religion faster, then afterwards you can get faith generating options to get more faith, earlier. Don't forget you can even settle the prophets or buy faith buildings for more faith also. So 4 points become more over the course of a game, even if indirectly.

    I only pick it sometimes if i am planning to completely ignore religion. For example if you are playing a TSG game on lower difficulty and racing for a sub 120 turn domination victory. It's not a bad pantheon but there is usually always something better depending on your starting location.
  2. NukeAJS

    NukeAJS King

    Jul 28, 2008
    I didn't read the whole thread ... but that river is going North -- through the middle of a continent -- through a desert.

    Obvious pick for me.

    And generally speaking -- +faith pantheons are better than other kinds unless you have a backup plan like natural wonders or social policies or a civ that does that kind of thing. However, if you combine faith pantheons with peity ... yup.
  3. klaskeren

    klaskeren Prince

    Aug 11, 2013
  4. Calouste

    Calouste Deity

    Mar 17, 2006
    I've picked it as the Celts when I got a Pantheon on turn 5. It's a pretty good boost at that point considering you only have one city of size 1. Lots of terrain based Pantheons will take quite a few turns before they will actually start producing something because you need to work tiles with not a lot of food and/or need certain improvements.
  5. subtledoctor

    subtledoctor Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2014
    Yes. And the Celts don't need a faith-generating pantheon to get a good religion, so you can play around more with them.

    I'm personally a big fan of culture pantheons - in my current game with lots of sheep and horses, God of Open Skies is effectively adding two free monuments to each of my first four cities. More culture = more policies and tiles = more money, happiness and faith (went into piety tree).

    With faith + culture, you can kind if have it both ways. Four resources is probably the bare minimum I would consider for taking terrain-based pantheon. But in this case I might do it - if only for some variation from the standard DF play.

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