Question about boosting unit movement with new tech


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Aug 29, 2004
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I am trying to create a mod slight rules variant, whereby Airships begin with a small range when they initially become available with PHYSICS (say, a range of two (2), just enough to let them fly recon in border areas, but no more long-range strikes on incoming knights and macement,) then, with the discovery of COMBUSTION, their range is immediately increased to the default range of eight (8).

My initial thought was that I would just piggyback off the code that handles the boost in naval unit movement with the discovery of REFRIGERATION, but it after poking around the XML it doesn't look like I can do it that easily. the REFRIGERATION boost goes to all units in "DOMAIN_SEA", not to specific ones.... So if I wanted to give a +6 boost to Airships, I'd have to give +6 to all other air units, too, which is not what I wanted to do.

Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem? Thanks.
You could just lower all flight units by 6 and give the onus with combustion. Not the most elegant solution but it should work.
I thought about that, but guided missiles and tac nukes are considered "DOMAIN_AIR" units, too....and their range is FOUR. You think I could just put in "-2" as their range, then they'll be bumped up to the standard 4 when Combustion is discovered (which will happen long before a civ can construct them?)
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